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Week 7 – General Update


Week was good, had a parents day at Regal Academy which meant that me and the helper were left ot entertain all the children for over 2hours! Was fun but challenging to keep thinking up new ideas! Buses were super irregular and ended up getting back in a truck one day and the toy train the next!

Toy train was great fun. Took about 30mins and was a beautiful day so the views were clear and green. The switchbacks were cool, and a little man hops off at each one to manually change the tracks. It’s also so slow that you get to see everything, and many things that you can’t see from the road as the track is set just below in the side of the hill. Also didn’t have to pay because I count as a local!

Power has been very patchy – often for hours/days at a time we’ll have nothing! And inevitably as soon as the sun goes down and it’s dark outside the power goes and we’re plunged into complete darkness fumbling for our head lamps! But such is India!

Also found out this weekend that Lily is coming to India next month (near Rajasthan) and it’d be awesome if I got to see her! Ruth has also definitely decided to come and meet Elf and I in Thailand in July! Can’t wait to see her – just waiting for her to book the tickets this week! WELL EXCITED! Also need the red shirts to sort their shit out soon or else Ruth, Elf and I are going to have serious works with them about how they’re not allowed to spoil our gap year!

Weekend was great fun. Elf, Jen, Katie, James, Peter, Alex, Jon, Ed and the 4 Varanasi volunteers were all in Darj =) lovely jokes meal on Friday and jokes night spent climbing between out hotel and theirs. Met a cool guy called Mike who’s studying music in India and sat about singing nursery rhymes to Alex’s guitar – we’re such weirdo’s!  Spent Saturday jamming about – finally got some pressies and had a nice dinner. Stayed up until 4am chatting and singing in a power cut!

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photo by: gert-n-bert