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So this week has been pretty blessed!
Came back to Blue Diamond on Sunday evening with Kate - most unsquashed share taxi EVER!!! Taught at Regal academy and Blue diamond on Wednesday - nice easy day to get back into the swing of things!
Then on Tuesday Eva came to visit, so we had no teaching but showed her around the school, class 7 and nursery/kg sang her some songs which was cool! Had a lovely lunch (curry, chow mein and THE YUMMIEST lemon cake EVER) and sat about chatting for ages! Popped into a local orphanage set up by mother Theresa but we weren't allowed to see any of the children as all the senior sisters were away - but it was a lovely building and nice drive at any rate!
In the evening two of the boarder girls did henna (mandi) on our hands...at 10pm and were told simple to "sleep carefully"...how that's supposed to work I don't know, what I do know is that I got a numb hand and miraculously managed not to smear henna over everything =) It looks well pretty...but did look a bit like sloppy poo to begin with!
On Wednesday we were taken/abandoned at a mela just outside of Kurseong! We arrived (eventually after much waiting and faffing about) in the school bus and were given charge of 3 children...which turned into about 11!! And were then just...left...with no idea what the plan was or anything (such is the Indian way!) we went to 2 temples/shrines, as the holiday was to celebrate lord Rama's birthday! the streets however were lined with Mela tourists (beggars who travel around targeting festivals) and tacky stalls! But the walk was nice, and we had some potato curry, and egg, ice cream and (eventually) some momos which were yummy =D Was a long and tiring day, but interesting none the less!! Had some issues with the boarder children being mean to a beggar child, they were teasing him and get putting stones in his collection bowl...was really horrid. Haven't yet figured out my stance on beggars - If I give to 1 I feel like I have to give to them all...which isn't really practical, but then I feel mean and scrougey not giving to any...I need to figure this one out!!
Thursday was (unbeknown to us) also a holiday! Kate and I were up at 7 rolling out the bread when we realised that there were far too many kids around (they normally have a study period in the morning) and then discovered that it was another holiday! Mr and Mrs Thapa took us to a Hindu shrine to pray and give an offering. Really pretty place! made a wish on a flower, felt a bit weird as I'm not a Hindu, but they seemed to want us to join in! Got a red bit of string on my wrist to show that I've prayed and also a rice/powder tika (dot on your forehead!)Then had a relaxing day reading (have discovered a mini library with loads of good books! Eragon here I come!!)and went on a nice walk in the evening with the boarders up a hill (slight scare about being chased by the police and saw an eagle, but it was otherwise uneventful!)
Friday was a teaching day - though my first and third lessons were clashes, but I've been assured that as of next week I can take them (yay =S) pretty laid back day, enjoyed the teaching and was fun! Then packed and headed out to get a bus to Kurseong and then a share taxi and to Kalimpong...but ended up going to darjeeling and staying with James, Mike and Pete (nice evening) and then got a car to Kalimpong on the saturday morning!

{Anyway....paragliding calls will continue later!! }

Paragliding didn't happen but random music institute did and other bless jams!

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