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Weekend was lovely, we stayed with Katie and Jen on the Friday. Our bus to Ghoom broke down About 3 times, and kate and I spent the whole journey sitting on a trye looking out the door and trying not to notice all the Indian tourists who were taking pictures of us! Eventually arrived in Ghoom, had a nice dinner, walked up to an abandoned monastery and walked up to a Himalayan view point in the derelict building that’s part of this swanky hotel in Ghoom! Saturday we headed to Mirrick with everyone, squished into a taxi singing songs very loudly �" great fun! When we got to Mirick we walked around the lake, got rained on, got hassled by people trying to get us to ride their horses (which looked relatively healthy and well kept in comparison to the sorry, mangy excuses for ponies in Darjeeling!)and several people got leeches! In the evening we walked up to a monastery which was just coming to the end of a puja and had a big fire, despite the rain. Got absolutely soaked walking back and managed to cut my foot (my fault for not wearing shoes really!!) had a nice dinner in a place that had no name and headed back to our dorm room for some chatting and beer drinking (and card playing). Sunday we all felt like poo and just walked about in the sun, found a fruit stall that sold the most yummy mango and watermelon EVER and headed back to Darjeeling at about 11am. Kate and I tried to get some paint for our mural but had no luck, did manage to get some colour charts though, and have now managed to order some paints that will be collected by Mr Thapa on Friday! Can’t wait to start painting, should be great fun! Think we’re also going to do some stuff at Regal! Teaching has been fine, very hot at Regal this week though, so many kids were very calm and settled, no to mention sweaty. Have been doing countries and languages this week, many quizzes, songs and match the pairs games. Class 2, we have discovered, respond very well to being read a story, and this has become our new savior! Class 1 are still masters of colouring and their room is covered in people, animal masks, tea pots and tiger mosaic pictures. This weekend Kate is staying here, but I’m off to Darjeeling today (Friday 14th May) as I need to get my permit for Sikkim, and it’s Rachel’s birthday tomorrow! Heading back here early on Sunday though, as we’re taking all the kids for a walk down to the Thindaria loop (about 6km round trip) which will be nice. We have hardly any weekends left here, and I can’t believe how quickly time has been going! Ruth called this week and we had a nice chat, she’s designing me a tattoo for my foot!! =D can’t wait to see it! Also she’s being our scout for the situation in Thailand; at present I think there are no flights until the 6th july, which is good as ours is on the 10th =) hopefully we’ll still be able to make it, if not guess we’ll go somewhere else lol! Have also decided that I’m going to write some specific blogs about: • Corporal punishment • The welfare state • Animals and their rights • The Blue Diamond Trust Though when they’ll get written I don’t know. Every time I try to get on a computer the power seems to fail on me!
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photo by: philippe84