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Saturday 5th June – Sunday 13th June 2010


Saturday 5th – Environment Day

JAMES’ BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!! Spoke to him, sounded a bit pissed off since he was travelling back from Scotland all day, but hey he got an imac the lucky sod!! He was wearing the tshirt I got him wooooo =D

Headed down to Thindaria to do an environment rally with some other schools from the area. Everyone had placards and were chanting things like ‘stop killing animals, save wild animals’ and other environmental slogans! Best poster I saw said ‘save the planet, it’s the only one with girls on it!’ – brilliant! Then had a ‘program’ of speeches, poems, acting and songs despite the rain. Blue Diamond sang ‘Ay dos’ (  and Kate and I did ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ with some class 4 children (Kate on piano and me on guitar) and then Kate sang “I’ve got love like a river”, again with her on piano and me on guitar…was all good fun! Only ridiculous thing was that after the show they burned all the rubbish – the hypocrisy!

Also popped into the house of a girl in class 10 – Laxmi because she’s very ill. Kate and I felt a bit akward because she was so out of it and looked so poorly and we don’t even teach class 10, but Mr Thapa was like “come out” so of course we did as we were told. They said she had water in her ribs and was just throwing up all the medicine doctors were giving her =S Was very sad. We were told about how people have very bad diets here because all they eat is potatoes and rice, and therefore have little nutrition (vitamins and minerals) in their diets!

Sunday 6th

Planned to take the kids to the lake at Rohini, but it was misty and rainy and we were told that we weren’t allowed to =( which sucked majorly! But it was ok, we finished out mural and did some packing and sorting out of our stuff. In the afternoon we watched the DVD I got for my birthday called Umrao Jaan – really good, and brilliant dancing in it!!

The Week in general

Rolled lots of roti, and peeled lots of potatoes, breakfast’s have been patchy, some days great, others absolutely shite, but heyho only a week or so left!!! Not too much has happened, have started to type up exams for the school, as they have exams for about 2weeks after we leave! Bit of faffing, as they keep changing the computer that they’re on and then some got deleted and it’s all a bit messy, but I’m sure it’ll get sorted eventually!

Have made cards for James and Pete who had birthdays this week (10th and 13th respectively) and cards for the boarders, regal, Fatima, the thapas and the teachers in general =) has been quite fun cutting coloured paper and sticking lol.

Have to draw some pictures for a colouring competition at regal on Monday, which they only told us about on Friday and they expect us to do all the photocopying – cheeky sods! Also did an egg drop with class 9 which was great fun, we’re dropping their eggs on weds at the assembly we’re holding to say goodbye to everyone! Should be fun! Can’t believe that this time next week Elf and I will be in Delhi and the real travelling will begin! So EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Watched the South African vs Mexico match in Joey’s on Friday, really wanted SA to win, but heyho! Say Pete, James, Jen and Katie which was really nice! But spent most of Saturday in bed with a runny tummy – such fun eh!!! Today (Sunday) Kate and I are just sorting stuff out, money, presents and stuff and we’re meeting up with the guys to have a birthday lunch for Pete!! Anywho! Gotta get on with stuff!! Finally managed to upload photos to facebook!! wOOO!!

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photo by: gert-n-bert