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Week Tuesday 1st June – Friday 4th June

Well, not a whole lot has happened this week. Kate and I have done some more of our mural, and it’s just missing the foot prints at the bottom =) it’s looking really good and really makes the classroom brighter.  We also put up our display of pictures at Regal Academy, and all the children and parents seem to really like it – they keep pointing themselves out and giggling!

Have got the toy train back twice this week from Thindaria, as the hitching has been hard because there are hardly any vehicles on the road! Managed to break my flip flops while trying to catch up with the train and now have a lovely gash in my big toe!

There have been heaps of mossies this week, not sure why because it’s not been very wet or very hot, but they’re all out on full form biting Kate and I to pieces as we sleep! Bizarrely enough they only bite my legs and feet, which are also the only places I spray with deet =S maybe they’ve evolved to like the taste?

There’s an environmental rally on Saturday in Thindaria and the whole school’s been preparing songs and acting to perform at it. Class 8,9 and 10 are singing a lovely hindi song about saving the earth whilst other students do a very meaningful, but funny, play to it. Kate and I were going to join them but have since been told that we’re not allowed to because it’s meant to only be students. The teachers have a very different way of motivating their students here, instead of giving constructive criticism to spur them on they just beat them down and tell them that they’ll be axed unless the pick up their game! We are however allowed to sing/dance with some class 5 girls to She’ll be coming round the mountain! Kate and I are also allowed to sing ‘I feel peace like a river’ with just the 2 of us (Kate on piano and singing and me on guitar HAHA) which seems a little odd but oh well, at least we’re doing something!

We still don’t know what’s happening with the strike and are hoping that’ll it will be called off, because it’d be really annoying if it went ahead! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 

Hopefully of to Kurseong on Friday to gather essentials and break up the week, as our weekend will probably be quite full on. We have the environment day on Saturday and then on Sunday we’re planning on taking all the boarders down to a lake at Rohini, which will probably take up the whole day, but should be fun none the less.

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photo by: gert-n-bert