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So last day in Delhi (friday 25th) was super nice and chilled out, just bummed about Main Baazar and drank our weight in fluids! Met a nutty Iranian business man who wanted us to go back to his hotel and try out his ladies clothes - we resisted the lure of free clothes! WE also fully embrassed the fact that we're windians, with bit sandals, jesus tops, bindis and crazy earrings - and we loved it! The evening we went to Nizamuddin train station, it's quite a way out of main Delhi, but is a nice new station and very easy to navigate around. Our train was on time (unheard of!) but our carriage had been locked from the inside and no one could get in! Eventuaslly they managed to prise the bathroom window out, climb in and then unlock all of the doors from the inside - this only left us delayed by 10 mins!! Got into bed, had a mild sugar rush due to strawberry laces, and then tried to sleep - but the beds are a little short when you have your bag at you head! And poor elf is too long for them even without having a bag where her head should be!!
Train journey was fine, slept for most of it and got to Khajuraho at about 10am! Were met by about 20 drivers all wanting to take us to their hotels, but managed to find an auto going to Yogi Lodge - met some weird guys on the way, all of whom wanted our numbers and to show us around on  their motorbikes! Had a really crap breakfast (banana and cardboardcornflakes) and then met up with Mike, James, Pete and their friends Morgan and Will and  walked about the WEstern Temples. It was boiling hot, and the stone seriously burnt our feet! The temples were pretty, and well sculpted, but many were much the same as each other...and the saucy scultping we'd been led to believe covered the temples, was a little bit disappointing! But we saw all 4 temples in the western group and then retreated to a cafe for cool ac and lunch. It feels much hotter here, its a more sunny dry heat than in Delhi! Decided that we didn't want to spend 4days in Khajuraho so have booked a ticked to Varanasi for this (sunday) evening at 11, and will get to see Katie and Jen in varanasi tomorrow! Aparently it's a mental place, covered in cows, poo, smellyness, people trying to fleece you and the ganges are full of dead bodies - sounds like fun! Chilled in the evening, tried some bung the guys got from varanasi, and then headed back to our hotel for a blissfully cool sleep!! Also found the most amazing resturaunt called Bella Italia (i know it's weird that we're in India eating Italian) which was SOOOO yummy - awesome pasta and pizza and crepes! Lol
But to Varanasi this eve, then Bodgaya and possibly Lucknow - we're not too sure what to do with our time =) This time in 2weeks we'll be in Thailand though!! WOOOO!!!! Hopefully going to do our padi open water course out there, which will be awesome! Can't wait for beaches and sand!

Much love xxx
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photo by: Marusya