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A day in the life – 10th June 2010 – a Regal Day

Woken up at 5 by the sounds of the boarders waking up for study, snoozed for about 30mins and get up properly at 5:30. Wash in cold water and get dressed into damp clothes (yummy!). procrastinate for a while until dough/potatoes are ready. Have a cup of instant coffee (back to the days of GCSEs!). kick start the day! 6:30ish start rolling out roti, 7:30 peel and chop potatoes for Alu Dum. 7:55 ask for breakfast as I have to be on the bus at 8, only to be told that only roti is ready (despite having done the potatoes 10mins before!) eat 3 roti, grumble and head up to catch the bus at 8. Hop on the bus with girls from Thindaria girls school, read a book, 8:20 get to Thindaria, buy biscuits (Tiger 3-/) and top up phone (333-/).

Walk down to Regal Academy and sit looking after kids at a bout 8:30, despite the fact that school doesn’t start until 9, parents seem to think it’s ok to dump their kids with 1 person! Read a little more of my book (The Family) and think about rhymes to teach class 1.

9am - first class with Nursery and Playgroup. Nursery do numbers in their books, and I realize that half our photo display has fallen down =( Sitting with Sure who is tearful and keeping a watchful eye over Rishi who is making a train with chairs, and avoiding provoking the no so nice kid in pg who has a nasty habit of hitting me if I look at him! Get some lego out and play races with Vanessa and Rishi. Also played leap and slide, great fun but tiring!

9:45 and into lesson two with Class one. Improvise a rhyme work sheet, matching up the rhyming words and finishing the sentences with a rhyming word, and then drawing some pictures. Akchata is on the ball as ever and has finished within about 10mins of being given the work! Rounded off the lesson with Dr Zeuses Cat in the Hat – best book ever, and full of hilarious rhymes, though I’m not sure how much of it class 1 understood, but they seemed interested!

10:40 – the dreaded KG class, supposed to be teaching cursive writing capitals, which is hard when Prayas keeps picking on and ganging up against the other children! Soham has no pencil, and Siddhant have no book, they all want to go up and play and as such are being very naughty and keep running out of the class room!!! Prayas always gets his work done super quick, and then sets upon the other children, he’s a bit too clever and can manipulate the other children and they have no idea! Soham as usual does nothing and is only on letter ‘e’ despite everyone else being on at least letter ‘h’! They are definitely one class I will not miss, I know it’s bad but they’re horrid. Everyone settles down eventually, but there’s still 35mins of the lesson to go! Feeling quite awake and ready to deal with them, a bottle of coke has perked me up, though my flipflops from Kalimpong are falling apart AGAIN – not impressed!

Managed to get a bus back (first time in about 3 weeks!!) had lunch and headed off to teach class 2 at 1:10. Did spellings of jobs with then and then typed up exam papers for about half an hour. 2:30 bell for period 8 went and had class 2 again. Plan – take them into the ground and do songs/races for them. But they were so noisey and naughty Mr Thapa came in and beat several of them, and of course they shut up after that =(  why they don’t understand that they wont get hit if they’re just good I don’t know, it’s sad. Eventually take them to the ground, sing the pizza hut song, practice for their performance, and then do some races, all descends into madness and we head back inside for the end of school.

After school – paid the shop 55-/ that I owed them, made cards for everyone to say happy birthday/thank you and goodbye. Were pestered to go for a walk after 2sips of tea, and then Kate took them out, as grandma and grandpa and then dad called me to say hello. Grandpa said that he enjoyed my letter, and that all the grammar was correct – suprising since I’m meant to be teaching English (my spelling and grammar are a little shite as you may have noticed!) tried to wash my hair but there was no water, settling down with a book and some music now. Noodles for dinner (dry waiwai) and then in bed by 9!!

Fairly standard Indian day for me!

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photo by: gert-n-bert