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Btw my india number is +919679889238 ( I think…or its 9679889238 plus the india code)


After a stressful first week at school, Kate and I managed to “escape” to Darjeeling to see Mike, Pete, James, Jen and Katie for a day or chilling, beer, good food and brilliant company. We found a lovely little place called Glenarys �" quite western, but to be honest I think that tat was what we were all wanting by this point!


We got the bus (eventually) from outside our school to Kurseong (Rs.15/) very bumpy ride, but it’s not too long and has some incredible views! When in Kurseong we looked about for a taxi �" people were quoting us Rs.900/ to Darjeeling and we’d been told not to pay for more than Rs.50/!!!!! Eventually a nice old man, with very good English pointed us in the right direction and Kate and I squashed ourselves into the back of a share taxi (14people in one jeep!!) �" 2hours later, and several bumped heads (the roads here are AWFUL) we arrived in Darjeeling. It was dark, and we had NO idea where we were, but the others met us at the train station and took us for a little “tour”. We then plonked ourselves in Glenarys, had some food an cold beer and had a good old natter!


Eventually (at about 10) it was kicking out time and we started, slowly, to make our way back to the Sham Rock (very nice hotel that was recommended to us). But not without a few hiccups!! First �" James was unable to hold his drink (about 3beers at such an altitude, and puked. Into his fleece. It wasn’t pretty, and he’ll never live it down! Then…a little further along the road we lost Mike and Pete �" apparently a local called Sam took them to an underground bar that continued to stay open after 10!! By this point it was Pete’s turn to puke. And duly he did. Twice. Once out of a bathroom window �" why he didn’t just use the toilet I don’t know!! But Pete had an excuse…he was…”spiked” (I think this is a metaphor for weak stomached =S )  Very funny. Sleep was consequently very good!


In the morning we gazed at Kangchenjunga over a breakfast of fried egg, tomatoes, toast and coffee (very different to the curry and rice that we’re used to!) and then pottered about taking in  the sights and doing a bit of shopping! Have found a lovely internet café also �" which is brilliant =) and cheap!!!


Darjeeling is lovely, all hilly and full of happy people and colourful stalls! The views are also breath taking! Hopefully will get up to Tiger Hill at some point and will be able to get an amazing 360 view of the Himalayas! There’s also talk of going white water rafting near Kalimpong and doing a trek to the base camp of Kangchenjunga! All fun stuff to look forward to!!


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Has now been upstaged^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


This weekend we arrived on Friday, as we had to register our passports. After meeting up with some of the other volunteers (Rachel, Elf, Cassi, Fabienne, Mike, Pete and James) we did all the boring admin associated with being in India, the girls (not me) went to get saree’s (VERY VERY beautiful) and we found a jem of a hotel called “silver cascade” right next to a place called “hotel tranquility” which is in the lonely planet guide. It’s amazing. We have comfy beds, hot water (24hour), en suite bathroom, balcony and tv �" all for Rs.150/ (just over 2pounds!!) After another dinner at glenarys (sweet and sour vegetables and a garlic naan) meeting some nice people who were drugs testing diarrhea patches and arm wrestling with locals,  we trundled up the BIGGEST HILL YOU’VE EVER SEEN, back to our hotel.


So Elf managed to trip over/into a pot hole and has fallen over and chipped half her tooth off and is requesting some Bob Marley to sooth the pain (along with painkillers)!.…Later on...we’re jamming in the guys room with music…...Moments later someones tried to shut the balcony door and it’s come off its hinges and the top window has smashed EVERYWHERE! No a clue what happened…clearly it wasn’t our evening!

Saturday wqas filled with shopping and endless wondering through the streets of Darjeeling, taking in the atmosphere and having many  a chuckle at Elfs new grandad jumper and the not joke of one particular shop! Bought a jumper (super warm!!) and some more flipflops, had ice cream and walked to a hospital to see if we could get elfs tooth fixed...only to be told that dentists don't work on weekends and to come back on monday!!! Eva is now in on the situation and

Saturday evening was much less eventful (thankfully!!!) Went to the Buzz (Bar underneat Glenarys) and saw an open mic night! Brilliant range from solo acoustic sets to a guitar/sitar/violin/bamboo flute/digeredoo jam session/!!! We then met up with the Germans again (Hannah and a dude) and went to a lovely place called the Park for Fabs indian birthday dinner...ordered WAAYYY too much food, ate tooo tooo much and then waddled (or struggled) back up the hill to our hotel, jammed and listened to some music and we tucked up in bed by about 10!!!

This morning. there was no water. Elf had got half way thrugh washing her haid (soapy head and all) and the water stopped!!! We <3 India!! Went out for breakfast to the Mystik Mountain (toast and omlette and hot yummy chai) and then back to have a cold wash in a bucket!! and bought (finally!!!) some lip balm and much MUCH needed vitamins - snotty kids are lethal!!! Lol


And now…here I am! So all is good and enjoyable! Still need to get some essentials (hair brush, vitamins, chocolate) but all in good time!


But yes…much love to everyone!!

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