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So...go back from Darjeeling on sunday with Kate...and proceeded to throw up all night (not plesant) and Kate managed to get stung by a vicious Indian Wasp at about 4am!! It was horrid, sounded (and aparently felt) like someone had chopped her finger off! Nothing helped - we tried ice, vinegar, distraction and holding her hand up high! Eventually we both konked at about 6am and were allowed to sleep until about 10! Then spent the whole of monday and tuesday in bed, runny tummy and not eating much...thankfully it's starting to subside!

Went on a lovely walk  through the tea gardens on tuesday eve - quite a climb back up as you're right in the valley! Beautiful views (not done justice by cameras) and many little benches perched on the side of the hill. Stopped off at some of the houses where the other school students lived, and took in the fresh air (far away from the diesel filled road air)

Anyway, was finding teaching very hard, for numerous reasons and have decided to take a few days out and have come to Darjeeling to get my head straight! Left on weds midday, got on a bus (after waiting about an hour for it!) got about 3yards and it stopped. Out came plyers, tubing, then engine was uncovered next to the drivers seat and mechanical work commenced! After about 10minutes we were back on the road! Got a seat this  time - which was a little comfortable, but you get bruises in strange places from metal poles, chair corners and who knows what else! The guy also only charged me Rs 10/ even though I gave him Rs 15!! Got to Kurseong, was waylayed by some beggars, but managed to get away without feeling too bad and was hopped into a taxi! Squished in the middle with an elderly woman, and 2women with a baby - woman was very lovely and kept asking if i was ok! Was a beautiful day, and could fully take in the view, as i was facing forward for a change!! Got into darjeeling at about 4oclock and checked into a very nice hotel called the Tibetan House - lovely room, double bed, shower and a hot water bottle at night!!

Went for a tea in Glenarys, sat down, took in the view (which is really incredible) and set about evaluating why I'm in india, and why I'm finding it hard! Seemed to do a lot of good, sitting down and thinking about why I'm here. Then met up with Eva, had a chat, went out for dinner in the Dekeling Hotel (simple rice and veg) and then konked, after catching up with the news around the world (I love bbc news!!!)

Today I went with Eva to see Mike and Alex at Sonada monestry. It's a beautiful drive - we took the high road and got some increidble views down the mountain! The monestry is increidble! It's massive, and covered in the most beautiful paintings, very colourful and has many flags flying which make a wonderful sound in the wind! There were also HEAPS of dogs lol =) We eventually found the monk who was in charge (after some confusion) and sat down in the office with Alex and Mike with tea and biscuits (very civilised!) and had a chattum about their placement! The monestries are SO much more chaotic than the school placements - tis quite nice though really!! WE were also treated to lunch - cheese mo mos and chilli! Very yummy! And then Eva and I came back to Darjeeling. Have done a little bit of shopping, and Eva and I are going to the cinema to see a bollywood film later!! Well excited! Lol And tomorrow we set off at 8 for Rimbik, to see Elf in her placement. Hopefully it'll be a cear day and we can fully appreciate the view and scenery! Alex, Pete (and a monk from his monestry) are also coming, as there is a brother monestry to where Pete is in Rimbik!

Other volunteers are coming back to Darj on friday/saturday, and we're going to meet up with our "contact" here - Sonam, and then i'll go back to my placement on sunday! With a fresh head and more positivity! Looking forward to it! Just need to keep my chin up, and stop getting bogged down by the what if's and I can'ts !!! But doubt i'll write more soon, but for now - Toodles!!!


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