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So we left Varanasi yesterday evening - first train in sleeper class, was really ok! Bit mental as there were people everywhere, but because we had  tourist quota tickets we were with a load of foreigners lol! Met the Korean girls from Khajuraho again - mental! And a cool Canadian guy who'd spent 3weeks in the jungle - sounded mental! Chained up bags a ok, and were told to sleep with our heads  at the corridor end to stop people trying to sleep on our beds! We even got a little note from the  police telling us how to be careful - very sweet, if a little odd!
We also saw something truely horrific. Sitting on the train in Varanasi JN station, elf happened to look out of the window and there in between our track and the next set was the body of a woman in a yellow sari, head half smushed on the track. It was horrific. She was just lying there, and no-one was even doing anything about it - how can someone be run over by a train, and just be left there!? Some people were also, aparently, spitting on her body. We wondered if she was maybe one of the street people who collect rubbish for money from the train stations - why else would she be on the tracks, and why would no-one care?! It was really shocking and quite sad really - so different from the UK! Varanasi has shown us a lot of dead people.
Back in Delhi now, not too hot which is nice! Hotel Namaskar is full though, so we're in a hotel next to it, hopefully will see  Fabs, Rache and Alice later, also Katie and Jen! =) Need to get some sandals, and elf has a few bits nad pieces to buy - but my card wont let me take any money out - n no idea why, but I don't have much money on me! =S EEEKKK Hopefully will be able to sort it out soon *fingers crossed*
Kate is back home already - can't believe it's happened so quickly!! And we're off to Thailand in just over a week! CANT WAIT!!!!
But yea, such is life eh!? =) Will keep you up dated!!
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New Delhi
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