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Hey everyone!

Welcome to my English travel blog! If you can read Dutch, I recommend going to my Dutch travelblog. When I have time I'll update this blog, though I will probably update the one in Dutch a little more often since that's the one family and friends will read.

About my journey:

I always fancied the idea of making a big trip, my very own adventure. I just didn't really have the nerve to do it, nor the money or the time. In early 2009 when I started considering dropping out of my study, I considered traveling as a serious option for the first time. When after 1 year of studying I really did decide to quit (thanks to the horrible teaching methodology, many students dropped out), I went backpacking through Europe for over a month. When I came back, I knew one thing for sure: I love this way of traveling!

Ever since then I have been planning my big trip, which gradually turned into a genuine round the world trip (once you're in Australia, you're on the other side of the world anyway, so why go back the way you came from?). Something which I can really say is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and which I hope will change me for good. 

My trip will take me through the following countries: Sweden (= 4 days of Stockholm), China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Bolivia and finally Brazil. A long list, and I have about a year to complete it. I will be traveling on one-way tickets only so the list isn't definite, though at the moment I don't think much will change. I just really like the idea of flexibility the one-way ticket approach gives me!

On the 24th of March, my plane will depart from Eindhoven (The Netherlands) to Stockholm, and on the 28th this month I'll be flying to Beijing! I'm both incredibly excited and nervous at the same time, leaving everything that's familiar behind and setting off to explore the world!



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photo by: sarahelaine