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Orthodox in Mea Shearim

May 11, 2010


So far in Israel we have been to three places.

The first one is the western wall which my grandfather told me a story about, it was built to hold up a hill that was falling and would crash a lot of Jerusalem. The wall is sacred to all religious Jews and especially for orthodox Jews. At prayer time each day hundreds sometimes thousand of men and women come to pray. We also visited the markets that are all scrunched together – it’s really fun. There are so many people from all over the world. The market has food and clothes, souvenirs and much more. There were people taping a movie right next to where we ate and they had lots of equipment. It was really cool. It was scary though because they yelled a lot.


I love to see my cousins, they’re really cool. My cousin Gal played basketball with me the other day. It’s really interesting to be with them because they don’t speak English but we have our ways to communicate by pushing each other and making hand motions. It is also really cool to see other people in the community. Me and my mom saw these two religious people together on their first date and my mom said that by next week they will probably marry without even wanting to (their parents decide). The time difference is still weird I get up at 10 or 11 am. Math is really fun with my mom but sometimes really hard. My grandpa every day tells me a story whenever I ask a question.


May 12


It was Jerusalem Day today and people were in the streets saying things I couldn’t understand. My mom told me that some of them were saying “Let’s take over more land!” I don’t think that’s the point of Jerusalem Day because it is to celebrate the reunification of both sides of Jerusalem. I saw tons of different types of people. A lot of people held Israeli flags. There was a lot of music and singing and dancing. Many people wore white shirts to show their support of Jerusalem. Most of the girls and women wore white shirts and skirts.


I really want to learn Hebrew.
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Jenya reflections about Israel


I have noticed that even though the shekel is less than the dollar (about 4 shekels = $1), the cost is still about the same as the USA for food and clothing. We went to the Western Wall of the temple in the Old City. When people leave the wall, they walk backwards. There is a girls and boys area for praying. You can’t turn from the wall, you need to walk backwards because that’s a way people show respect to the sacred wall of the old temple.


Some of the boys have temple hairs. They have their hair shaved except for two long locks on each side. Girl normally wear skirts, religious Jewish women wear something over their hair to show they are married. The boys and men wear pants, white button down shirts, and black hats or kepah (yamuke).


I also realize that a lot of people want this small stretch of land that is even smaller than California.


I thought in Jerusalem Day it was cool that the boys were dancing. We had glida (ice cream) and Kiron and I switched roller blades and skateboarding. I am starting to learn Hebrew so I can talk with my cousins. My mom wrote out the Hebrew alphabet and put the sounds underneath each letter.

Jenya Reflections about London and trip so far


I loved going to the play Billy Elliot. I loved the dancing and acting and the ballet. I also really loved the humungous ferris wheel called the London Eye. It has an amazing view of London, and we could see Buckingham Palace. Later on we went to Buckingham Palace and saw the guards. We also saw guards at the London Tower. There, I learned how to march the guard’s march. I memorized it. You could get really close up to them. The guards aren’t allowed to smile, and it was fun to try to make them smile. When I was marching with the guard, he looked at me funny.


London is much more proper than the Bay area. Instead of an escalator or elevator it is called a “lift.” Instead of rest rooms there are “toilets.” Instead of women’s rest room, it is a “women’s lounge.” London is a lot more expensive than the USA, and Israel is less expensive. I saw that England has kings and queens. At London Tower, I saw the crowns with rubies and diamonds that were all real. I also saw how people went from using swords to guns. The tour guide said that they always kept seven ravens on the property.

FawnYacker says:
Hi Jenya,
I'd give anything to see you do the guard's march. I remember seeing the crown of jewels at the London Tower too. It went by pretty fast. I'm remembering that you are on a kind of moving sidewalk that moves you past it.
Thanks for writing in your blog. Can't wait to read what else you guys are up to. Enjoy Isreal. Love to you all.
Posted on: May 09, 2010
Orthodox in Mea Shearim
Orthodox in Mea Shearim
Kiron got a talit at an Orthodox s…
Kiron got a talit at an Orthodox …
In the market in the old city
In the market in the old city
Candy in Israel is inexpensive and…
Candy in Israel is inexpensive an…
By the Gate
By the Gate
Kiron purchases a kafiya.
Kiron purchases a kafiya.
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