Makansutra is "hawker", really?

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Makansutra, near Marina Square and Esplanade ~Singapore

My first meal of the day (not counting the snacks in the plane and at the airport) was dinnertime in Singapore.  My friends took me to their favorite place, near Marina Square and Eplanade- Makansutra.  On the way there they were already thinking of what to order, of course also asking me what I wanted to eat. I told them, pretend I'm not here and order what you would usually order, I'm sure I'll like it.  I was up for anything!  Besides the fact that I was starving, I also wanted to try something different to get the "feel" that I was not in Kansas...err Manila... anymore.

When we got there I was thrilled to see carts & kiosks of food, side-by-side, from end to end, which seemed to be a part of the sidewalk-turned-into-a-dining-area.

Makansutra food carts ~Singapore
  The aroma made my stomach churn reminding me that I was definitely hungry, so I gave my share and waited impatiently at a vacant table while they ordered.

One by one the orders arrived, heaps of Pineapple Fried Rice (something I've been hearing about before I even arrived), assorted meat Satay, a big dish of Sambal Kang Kong, and some sort of rice cake plus a couple of dips and sauces.  Mmm, good!  We pitched in S$10 each and there was so much food...too much for three!

Afterwards, after asking a lot of questions, my friends told me that it's actually considered as a "hawker" area and not a restaurant.  I was surprised, as the cups and table tops had its name on it "Makansutra"... and since it was my first day and my first meal, I was still converting (that time) from S$ to Ph Peso and, WOW, really, this is how much it costs to eat at a hawker watchamacallit?!  (you can spend roughly the same amount at an average, well known, and air-conditioned restaurant in the Ph and definitely half the cost for hawker-type)

... But hey! It was all good! Loved the taste, loved the place. Just got surprised at how everything costs---well, it's Singapore! :)  I stopped converting the following day and enjoyed myself...besides, I was on vacation! ;)  


Hadi25 says:
But if you have time you can hitch more localised food fare ...
Recent Frenzy over the media would be the
BBQ chicken but will be done depends of the level of spicyness from 01 - 30 :p
Posted on: May 14, 2011
Daive says:
Very true! :) Have they covered up the Merlion when u went? Hope you got to see it, it's a beautiful shot at night
Posted on: May 10, 2011
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Makansutra, near Marina Square and…
Makansutra, near Marina Square an…
Makansutra food carts

Makansutra food carts ~Singapore
Pineapple Fried Rice and Satay...y…
Pineapple Fried Rice and Satay...…
Food for three?!! ;)

9 Feb 2010…
Food for three?!! ;) 9 Feb 201…