How to eat the Fear-Factor-famous "Balut"

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How to eat a BALUT :)

I remember telling a friend that I would one day include this in my Blog, as this is indeed a popular street food in certain parts of Asia, especially the Philippines.  In Manila, these are usually sold by street vendors who carry baskets with cloth inside to keep them hot.  You'll find the vendors walking along the streets shouting "Baluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut" at the top of their lungs. :)

To define, a BALUT  is a fertilized egg (chicken or duck) with a visible almost-developed embryo (oh yes, it's true) inside that is boiled then eaten in the shell (you don't eat the shell of course! ha ha ).  It's just easier to do so with the shell and to hold it in place.  A Balut is high in protein and quite a hearty snack- some say it's also an aphrodisiac! ;)

In Manila, the Balut is often seasoned with salt, I prefer rock salt, and some prefer adding a chili-vinegar seasoning.

...almost a chick :(
  I know some people who like eating everything but I also know people who just eat parts of it and leave out the chick (embryo).  As for me, I had chicks when I was a kid so I can't really make myself eat something that already looks like a chick!

Think back, I'm sure you have seen this in some TV shows where they force contestants to eat a Balut before they can proceed or get points (Fear Factor, Survivor, Amazing Race, etc.) and funny how they seem so disgusted while eating it! Ha ha

Anyway, if you get a chance to, try it! Up to you if you want to eat the chick part or not, but do try the rest of it.  And then you can say "I did the Fear Factor thingy in Asia!" hehe ;)  ...So here's how you do it (in Manila):

Pic A.  Tap a spoon or the egg itself unto a surface to crack the shell...  Then make a small whole like in the picture. Next is a favorite of mine, sip the "broth" that is inside the egg (it's good, promise! Imagine tasty chicken broth!). :)

Pic B.  Once you have sipped all the broth, make a bigger whole so you can start eating it.  On this photo, the first part that shows is the yolk (yellow part) which is also my favorite.  I suggest you try this. Tastes like the usual egg yolk but different somehow. :)

Pic C.  The Balut I got is not as "developed" as it should be so you can only see parts of the chick -> the off-white and black (that's hair/fur or whatever) parts.  That's the part I don't eat...I give it to my cat (sorry!). :)

Pic D.  I took out the whole thing out of the shell so you can see it better :) ...underneath that, there's a hardened white part (eggwhite) which I like also- depends though on how tough it is.

Last picture is from the net.  I wanted to include something that would show the nearly-developed embryo that some people love to eat... hehe

So how about you think you're Fear Factor material?? ;)

Daive says:
Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for reading & the smiles Stig :)
Posted on: Mar 17, 2012
Stigen says:
pretty disgusting. I could eat many things, but not that shit..
Posted on: Mar 15, 2012
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How to eat a BALUT :)
How to eat a BALUT :)
...almost a chick :(
...almost a chick :(
photo by: Daive