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My SG adventure to Little India


I urge you to be adventurous and to always try the local cuisine where ever you go! :) You just don't know what you might be missing! :)

During my last 2 days in Singapore I had to venture out on my own since my friends had to go back to work.  I decided to go see Little India, as I was curious about the name and what I might find there.  It was close to lunchtime (and I skipped breakfast) so I decided to see what was inside this building called Tekka Centre.  It's a short walk near the exit once you get off the MRT so it's easy to spot. 

I was surprised to find lots of tables and stalls and stalls of food (their version of a food court)~ Indian, Thai-Indian, Malay...and the air was filled with the aroma of different spices! I got excited, as I love spices!

I gathered all the courage I could gather, not that I was scared of anything but I was in a different country with a different culture, and started going around checking out the different dishes.

Brunch at Tekka Centre, Little India, Singapore

I decided to go with this Muslim food stall beside a beverage store owned by a friendly Chinese-Singaporean.  I found out later that he owned the Muslim food stall as well, since the cook called him "boss".  I wanted something with bread and meat so I tried the Mutton Murtabak.  I just wasn't sure from the picture if it was made of flour or egg, but of course I knew what mutton was... baa-aah :)  I hoped it wasn't egg, because that's going to be A LOT of eggs, if ever (cholesterol!).

I watched eagerly as the cook prepared the dish (actually I saw him prepare 3 dishes). He seemed to do it with passion (he did all three dishes as if he wanted perfection) as he shaped the ball of flour making it thinner and thinner.

The dedicated cook.
  I took a video and will have to find out how to upload it...

The Mutton Murtabak was great, it was huuuge, and was only $5. It was exactly the exotic taste I was looking for and the nameless dip made it even better and spicier. I think I finished 2 cokes because of the spicy dip! Haha!  Aside from the food, I also enjoyed the conversation with the owner and had an interesting time observing the locals and their habits. :)

Don't ever miss out on an experience like that! :)


tmt4788 says:
very nice.. ill go to singapore in july.. stay near Little India ;)
Posted on: Jun 22, 2011
traveldudette says:
nice one!
Posted on: May 02, 2010
Daive says:
Cheer up? I'm not sad, I enjoyed my trip to Little India! :)
Posted on: Apr 22, 2010
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My SG adventure to Little India
My SG adventure to Little India
Brunch at Tekka Centre, Little Ind…
Brunch at Tekka Centre, Little In…
The dedicated cook.
The dedicated cook.
The food stall I chose serves Musl…
The food stall I chose serves Mus…
My Mutton Murtabak and super spicy…
My Mutton Murtabak and super spic…
Little India
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