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There are a number of possible destinations outside UB. These are probably the most common places to travel:

1. the lake Hovsgul area(khovsgol nuur) (This high mountain lake (1,645 m/5400ft above sea level) is surrounded by mountains, meadows and forest, a complete contrast to the rest of Mongolia. It's full of fish and the area is home to sheep, ibex, bear and moose, as well as over 200 species of birds. This is the deepest lake in Central Asia, and the world's 14th largest source of fresh water. You can hike along the shore, take a dip in the icy waters or try your hand at fishing. An amazing 90 rivers flow into the lake, but only a single river flows out - the Egiin Gol, which ultimately reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia. You can visit the Reindeer people who live in the area...) or

Hovsgol Was really beautiful (I found there my favourite Guest House in Mongolia called "Garage 24". The only one in the area really offering hot water..there's a regular connection between UB and at least one airport close to Hovsgol

2. the Gobi Desert (Second largest desert of the world. Covering the southeastern third of Mongolia, the Gobi Desert stretches about 3,000 mi/4,830 km along both sides of the Chinese border. It isn’t a Saharan-type desert - although there are sand dunes, the Gobi Desert is not a barren wasteland. It has herds of Bactrian camels (with two humps), wild horses and donkeys, as well as leopards, mountain sheep and ibexes. There is a lot of variety within the Gobi Desert, from wildlife parks and mountains to canyons with dramatic rockfaces. Once the site of an ancient inland sea, the area has dried up and then eroded over the eons, providing paleontologists with magnificent specimens of dinosaur fossils...)

3. Karakorum (In 1220 Genghis Khan decided to build the capital city of his vast Mongolian empire at Karakorum. Building was completed by his son, Ogedai Khan, after Genghis' death, but Karakorum served as the capital for 40 years before Kublai Khan moved it to what is now Beijing. Following the move, and the subsequent collapse of the Mongolian empire, Karakorum was abandoned. Whatever was left was used to help build the glorious Erdene Zuu monastery in the 16th century. Erdenezuu (The Hundred Treasures) was the first center of Lamaism in Mongolia...) - this is often combined with the Gobi desert tour.

4. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, created in 1993, borders the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, and it is one of the most visited protected areas. Terelj, on the Terelj river bank is a spectacular valley with eroded rock formations, pine-covered mountains and grasslands carpeted with perennial wildflowers and edelweiss. - this is considered by some to be very tame and touristy.

These descriptions are from the visitmongolia.com website, but this is not a recommendation to use them.
You can stay overnight in UB-2 Ger Hotel for 6$. M.Zaya

My suggestion is, go to Arkhangai and spend a couple of days in the hot springs (near Tsetserleg), then move to the White Lake and vulcan area. Go ride, trekking and family staying for another couple of days, and then go back to UB via Amarbayasgalant.

7 days in Mongolia? Forget all the big tours to the far west, gobi or to Khusgul and stay near(ish) to UB.

Overnight trip from UB to Amarbayasgalant (sp?) monastery between Darkhan and Erdenet. Can be done out and back in a day but there are nice places to camp up there.

Day trip to Khustai national park to see the Mongolian wild horses, perhaps other animals and to see some ancient monuments (ask the park staff for the deerstone and the standing stones southeast of the park �" more historical than a lot of the ‘historical’ tourist suff). Can camp or spend overnight at the park gercamp if you enjoy the place.

Day trip, or camp overnight, or do a 2, 3, 4 night horse trek, in the Terelj national park.

Relaxed day trip to Manashir (sp?) or start there and walk over the mountain back to UB, can be done in a day if you get an early start and put a decent pace on ;-)

Any of the above could include the seemingly obligatory 'visit to nomad ger', I'm sure your driver will have some mates/family he can take you to.

Spare days: museums in UB, get a driver to take you through some of the ger-districts, etc etc.
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photo by: Biedjee