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Ok, to start with, I know it's already 2010 and it's been almost 3 years since I went to København. But I umm, thought it may be a cool idea to put up a blog about the trip after all.

Let's just get to the beginning: It was after work that I kinda realised I needed a vacation. I was waiting for my ferry to arrive and it was a clear sunny day. I looked up and saw several airplanes flying through the sky. It just struck me, I wanted to fly away for the weekend. So on my way back home, I thought of several destinations to go to. København was one of the city's I thought up and started browsing the web for information. The same day, I was convinced it had to be great city. Since I always like to think twice about plans like these, I went to bed to think it over. But I just couldn't sleep. The only thing I could think of, was København.

So the next day, whe I got back from work again, I went online to find a hotel there and found one which had a great offer. Second, I looked at travel possibilities. Before I even knew it, I booked a flight and made my hotel reservation. In less than two weeks I'd leave for København. The next day I asked for a day off at work. They askes me for a reason and I told them I booked a weekend away, they were completely surprised, I still remember the look on the face of my supervisor. I'm usually not so impulsive, you see?

Departure day.
On my own I went to Schiphol airport, checked in and started waiting for my flight. The fact I arrived 3 hours early didn't matter. There was no stress, just relaxing. The plae arrived, we all boarded and I set off on my firt solo-trip to another country. Truth be told, I was thrilled when we were up i the air. After a while I landed and got off. Took the train to the city and when I arrived it all just got so..so..so real. Before all that it was kinda like a dream. First thing I did was to get at the hotel, checked in and went up to me room. A small one-person room, but with all the luxury I needed...a bed, a desk and my own bathroom. I didn't need more. I unpacked and went straight down to the tourist information...well, I needed a ma, didn't I? It was only 3 o'clock, so I started walking whilst studying the map. I found a few remarkable places and marked them. That first day I walked for about 6 hours and so far had only seen the center of the city. I returned to my hotel, after having a meal in a restaurant I stumbled on. Not really Danish, for it was an Australian restaurant. O well, it's a holiday, time to try some new things. It ended up in being a great meal. Although, I did notice that when you're eating alone in a restaurant, people tend to stare at you. But I didn't mind. Back in the hotel, I went to the hotel bar to see if I could meet some people, other travellers. I had a wonderful conversation with a man from Norway, who's been going to København every year since 2000. He told me loved the city and showed me some spots on the map I definitely had to go to. So, I marked more spots on the map and went back to sleep. The next day would be another day of strolling around in the city.

Day 2
Got up early and went into town. First thing I planned was walking towards the statue of the Little Mermaid. I kinda made a mistake in it's location, cause I only found it after uhm, a 3 hour walk. But none the less, I enjoyed the walk, since I was walking through the whole city. On the way back, I also went up to the Round Tower for a fantastic view of the city. I stayed up there for over an hour, trying to find my way from above. After this visit, I watched a few street entertainers and enjoyed them, they were doing some great tricks. There was one guy, who was a great juggler. His show lasted for about 30minutes, but since I missed the start of it, I followed him to his new location and watched his next show. After this show, I came up to him and started a conversation. He turned out to be a professional performer, and this was his idea of having a holiday. Still working, but in cities around the world. I even ended up having dinner with the man and his girlfriend and we shared our stories.

In the evening I decided I wanted to see the city by night...well..or at least when it's dark. At 11 o'clock I left the hotel and took a train/metro towards the statue of the Little Mermaid, for it would be my starting point. Well, what can I say? I expected a bit more from København by night, it was mostly dark throughout the city, not as great as it was during the daytime. Still, after a 2 hour walk I went to bed satisfied. It would be my last night in København.

Day 3: departure
Last day, so I checked out early and went back into town. Enjoyed some cups of coffee and went up to the Round Tower once more. A last view of København before I'd go.
I took the train towards the airport, checked in and then the waiting started. At the airport I sat down at the bar and had another coffee. A woman who was sitting next to me, started asking me some questions. She noticed I was travelling alone and we had a great conversation about travelling. She was a teacher at a University in England and on a businesstrip. Her flight left earlier than mine, so I was alone once more. Kinda surprised by the fact she 'just started' talking to me, I decided to do the same to a person next to me. Turned out I met another man who was on the way to Amsterdam. Except he wasn't going home, it was the start of his holiday. Same plans like me...just go to a city, see what they have to offer and look around.

When I got back at the airport, I didn't expect to be picked up, but two of my friends waited for me at the arrivals. Haha, I was very, véry surprised by this.


Well...I'm sure I left out some great details. For instance, now I remember I stumbled upon the changing of the guards at the palace in København. But there are many more details, I'm sure. O well...I can say I had a great time during these 3 days. My first solo-trip, but certainly not the last one I'll ever make.

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