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In 1918 Checoslovaquia got its independence and was not until 1992 when it split up in Czech Republic and Slovakia! In 2004 they joined the European Community, although they still use Crones, their local currency. By the way, be careful with all these places you find in the street saying “currency exchange office 0% commission”, they are a big rip off! At the airport they gave us 600 Crones more than in a place we found around the Old Square. So we paid around 20 Euros commission exchanging 200 Euros! That means 10% commission!!!! I got so angry!!! When I saw the money they gave us for the same amount, I wanted to reverse the transaction, but that was not possible! The only thing they said: “sorry, the exchange rate is on that board, at the airport the currency exchange office is run by another company.

In many places you can pay with Euros, although the exchange rate is not that favorable. It ranges from 24 to 27 Crowns, depending where you ask.

Today we walked even earlier than yesterday. Around 7.30 am we were already up, but we didn’t go for breakfast until 9 am. They said today was going to be -5 degrees, so we had the greatest idea! We would take a cruise along the Moldova River! If you cross the Manesuv most bridge from Malastrana to the Old Town, you find several boats doing the cruise. It is very recommendable! We were sailing along the river while outside was snowing like crazy! ☺

Silvia had mineral water (she is pregnant ☺), but my mother had chocolate with rum and I had an Irish coffee! Mmmmm… get the scenario! My mother and I getting some buzz while outside was -5 Celsius degrees!!! The cruise costs 220CZK per person.
Drinks inside were not that expensive either!

Once the cruise was over we decided to go shopping! It is the only way to fight against the cold weather! ☺ The stores are really warm, so you just have to go in and out! We bought several things, such as clothes, some souvenirs, and other gifts for the family…

Around 1pm it stopped snowing and the sun came out! The light was perfect to take photos, so I went up and down all over the place photographing everything I found on the way ☺ I recommend you to go up the Orloj Tower, next to the Old Town Hall. I don’t remember how much it was, maybe around 100CKZ. Anyhow, you must do it! You get the best view from the city!!!

For lunch we wanted to find some place different, somewhere where we could try some local food! We got lucky; we found a beautiful restaurant right next to the Main Square! I am attaching a review and some photos.

After lunch started snowing again and it got freezing!!! It was unbearable! So we had to go in a coffee place and stay for a couple of hours!! My mother even had a short “siesta” in the place! ☺

That’s all folks! Our trip to Prague is over! Tomorrow we are flying back to Barcelona! But today I got good news! I have been invited to give a conference in Perú! Woohooo…. So you will be hearing from me in April!
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photo by: vulindlela