Still in leaving on Wednesday...Tonsillitis sucks.

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not really my throat, but a nice animated picture of it.
I woke up this morning at 4:00a.m...I was hoping it would be good-health that would cause me to wake so early, that and excitement about my departure for Prague that was supposed to be today. But no. Rather it was excruciating pain in my throat, back, head, legs....oh, pretty much everywhere...except my nose, it wasnt too bad actually.

Anyway, I made the executive decision this morning that there was no way I was leaving town today. Instead, I drove to a local clinic and got checked out. Strep...negative. Phew.  Mono...also negative. Big phew. Tonsillitis was the diagnosis. I knew I shoulda had them out when I was 8 and could've gotten ice cream outta the deal! So they gave me two shots in my rear-end. That was painful. But the steroids and antibiotics are already starting to kick in. When I got home, I changed my flight to have me depart this Wednesday...which brings me to the point of this entry...


When I booked my flight, I called my insurance company and they put me in touch with a travel insurance company. For the price of $68, my flight and hotels were insured for up to $2,000. This means I should get reimbursed the $1,200 I'm having to pay Delta to change my flight from today to Wednesday. Money. well. spent.

So in short, I will arrive in Prague on Thursday morning, where my three travbuddies will have already spent a couple of glorious days. At least I'll have Thursday and Friday there...and, no offense to the Eastern Europeans, but I figure it was better for me to get well in America than to bring my sickness over to you...and risk a hospital stay which could further ruin the trip.

See you in Prague on Thursday!!
TrikyTrayC says:
I need some travel insurance companies that you recommend please. :)
Posted on: Jan 08, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
Travel Insurance NEVER leave home without it. It's more important than your Amex card.
Love the picture.
Posted on: Aug 10, 2007
nnddmm says:
:( poverino.....
Posted on: Aug 03, 2007
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not really my throat, but a nice a…
not really my throat, but a nice …
photo by: chiyeh