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Flying to London-Firenze with ALOT of luggage. I am temporarily, and for an unknown period of time, moving to Grassina, Italy and therefore I have alooot of wierd stuff with me! ;)
So I drag around this load of stuff and arrive in Gatwick where I wait for 5 hours for the next plane (Gatwick is NOT a very interesting airport). So, finally the time approaches and I look for the checkin info and it says: Florence - Enquire at airnline!! Flight cancelled because of STRIKE!

What follows is a looong queue with ANGRY and frustrated Italians who in between the elaborated swearing phrases call their wife or children or mother or grandmother or grand-grandmother or grand-grand grandmother of the neighbour to inform about the situation! The airline people do NOT want to say much only: we expect that you can take the morning flight to Pisa (but we cannot guarantee it) and you will have 10punds to eat for here at the (gourmet??) restaurant at Gatwick, also you will have a room at Gatwick Hilton Hotel! HURRAY!!

This is where my adventure starts because in the queue I hook up with a very nice and very Italian Lady (embroidery designer for the big lagels .D&G etc) She uses her well trained italian elbows and makes way to what she wants so easily and firmly that I get inspired in my life to state my case even more clearly! We share a room at the hotel and spend the night chatting about life and Italy down in the lobby bar! This is my first encouter with Italy, at Gatwick ariport - as exotic as it gets!

The following morning (06:00) the flight is cancelled Once Again! And we are expected to leave at 12:30 in the afternoon! So now we prepare for waaaaiting with baggy eyes in the weeee hours of the morning.. puh. Waiting at night is something, waiting in the morning is another thing!

This is where the last member of our little group comes along. A finish lady who has lived and worked in florence for 11 years. She fits perfectly to our little party and all three of us go to drink coffee and continue the life talk from the night before! Time fliiiess and we chat and chat. Finally we go through controls and then decide to use our 10pund vouchers on some scrambled eggs. We chat and joke. Suddenly we check the time and realise we are LATE! Oh lord, we hace waited at the very diverse? and intruiging? Gatwick ariport since yesterday and now we are LATE? ... We rush to the gate and finally board the last plane to Tuscany......

So, had the plane not been cancelled I would not have met these two wonderful ladies and I would not change that experience for anything. It was perfect.

So now I am here, in the countryside listening to the birds singing and the seing the flowers growing! SPRING! ;)

It is wonderful!

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