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Crap! I woke up at 5:30 to prepare for the balloon launch that could happen any time between 6-7am, desperately needing coffee. I didn't notice it when I checked in, but they don't start serving coffee and pasties until 7am. So, I sit here with the balcony blinds open, watching the arrival of the balloons in the warmth of my room. I stepped outside long enough to retrieve my coat from the car and it's freezing out there! I plan to keep an eye on things and go out when the balloons are being inflated. Currently, people are in the process of inflating jumbo helium balloons to celebrate the hot air balloon round-up.


I didn't know it until now, but there's this crazy balloon guy that is launching himself up in the air ala the movie "Up".
He has about 50 balloon strapped to his make-shift seat. He's trying to do it once in each of the 50 states.

The balloon organizations had coffee and cinnamon rolls, so I got my caffeine fix. I was outside about 30 minutes before the balloons started to inflate. It was a gorgeous morning for it, but bitter cold. I had on thick socks and gloves, but after an hour, I could no longer feel my toes and my fingertips were so numb that it was difficult to press the camera shutter.

Before I could even download the pictures from my point and shoot camera, I had to thaw out my hands and toes. I heated up a towel with warm water to wrap around my feet...worked great, but it really hurt when my toes started to thaw. I don't remember my toes ever being so frozen.

Now that the balloons are way down the road, I going to head into town to the Rocking Horse and meet a client of mine for breakfast. Hey, that means I can count this trip as a business trip, right?
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photo by: Toonsarah