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My aunt had all sorts of places she wanted to show us.  We had seven days to see the sights of Hong Kong.  Seeing as how she'd lived in HK for nearly a decade, she knew the ins and outs of the city. 

We started by going to the Lotus Memorial at the Convention Center (after a brief ride in a rickshaw for a photo op).  The Lotus Memorial commemorates the rule of Hong Kong passing back to China from Great Britain in 1997.

One request that I had while in HK was to go to Central Plaza -- just because they went there on the Amazing Race, only my favorite show EVER.  We managed to go to the top floor to the overlook, even though I don't think we were supposed to be there.  Two janitors kept acting like we were in forbidden territory or something.  I don't care. 

Another day's activities included journeying to Po Lin Monastery to see the Big Buddha.  That was the most interesting -- and scary -- bus ride ever!  The road followed around a mountain, with intensely sharp curves, one lane wide, with mirrors so drivers could see what was coming their way... not fun!  Once we got to the monastery, it was rainy, icky weather, not making for a pleasant experience.  We opted not to climb to the top, unfortunately, due to the weather, but we did walk around the grounds.  It was so peaceful and tranquil, Buddhists lighting incense.

From Po Lin Monastery, we took a cab to Tai O, a fishing village.  Pat wanted us to see the contrasts of Hong Kong.  We'd seen the bustling metropolitan city, but Tai O is an ancient fishing village, representative of Southeast Asia.  We briefly walked around, before returning to our cab to be serenaded by the Chinese man singing along with American tunes on the radio. 

When we visited Aberdeen, to ride the sampans around the harbour, a Chinese lady tried to lead us around, thinking we were all tourists.  She couldn't understand that Pat, an American, was living in Hong Kong.  The sampan ride was nice, going around the harbour and the Jumbo Boat, a giant two-story floating restaurant.

We rode the famous Star Ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui to go the Hard Rock Cafe.  Our waiter was incredibly friendly and we were practically the only customers there.  Serving Pepsi products, I asked for Mt. Dew; they had NO IDEA what that was.  (It's the funny things like that that you remember while traveling, huh?)  This Hard Rock Cafe was a pilgrammage for me.  It's the first one I'd ever heard of; Pat sent us t-shirts from there years ago, and it certaingly sparked my obsession with Hard Rock Cafes around the world.

We went to the Peak on a Sunday, the day recommended NOT to go.  But, we really had a good time.  We rode the cograil up Victoria Peak, overlooking Victoria Harbour.  The view of Hong Kong is absolutely spectacular from the Peak.  Even though it was crowded, practically everything in Hong Kong is, so despite the warning of not going on Sunday (due to crowds), it wasn't unreasonable.  We also shopped and ate lunch while here.

We certainly saw the highlights of Hong Kong in the one week were there.  Many thanks to my aunt for her willingness to be a tour guide!


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