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Our flight left St. Louis at 6:30 in the morning, which meant we would have to be at the airport at 4:30.  Therefore, we stayed the night over near St. Louis to keep us from having to leave home at 2 in the morning.  Dad was going to have to work that day, so we said good-bye to him at home, and Mom went with us to stay the night and to take us to the airport.

From St. Louis, we had a 38-minute flight to Chicago.  (Yes, we live in Illinois, went to Missouri to fly back into Illinois.  But, Chicago thinks it's its own entity anyway, so it doesn't really count).  Emily had a broken seat, and this was her first time flying, so she was a nervous wreck.  Then, there was confusion at O'Hare.  Our flight arrived in the C Concourse.  I checked the monitor, and our departure was listed for the B Concourse.  But, once we got over there, the monitors listed our departure for the C Concourse, so we trekked back over there.  Luckily, we did not have a tight connection. And, there we Chinese people standing at that monitor, confused too, so it wasn't just us. 

I don't remember much about the flight.  I tried to sleep for most of it.  I remember the pilot announcing we were over Alaska... gee, whiz, that's all; we'd been in the air for hours.  It wasn't a bad flight.  We had seats in the middle of the plane, in the row with the large tv.  Much too close if you ask me.  Never again will I book those seats.  The monitor gave me a headache and was really bright; plus, it was totally uncomfortable for the lack of legroom.  

Once we arrived in Hong Kong, there was an airline attendant, a Chinese lady standing at the end of the hall with my name written on it.  Wow -- a personal greeter.  NOPE!  She, in broken English, explained that my suitcase had been left, yes - left, in St. Louis.  Forgotten.  It took me a little bit to understand what she was saying; I had just been airborne for 14+ hours, groggy, and speak NO Cantonese whatsoever.  It would be arriving via San Fransisco on Singapore Air (I joke, my luggage got a better flight than I did).  It would arrive the next day.  I had fortunately gotten my aunt's address from my mom while sitting in Chicago, after I realized that I might need the address.  (I wasn't really worried about it; my aunt would be picking us up from the airport, but you just never know.)  The bigger problem was, that Emily and I had packed together, so there was just the one suitcase between the two of us, in addition to our carry-ons.

We did not have any problems getting through customs, and our aunt was on the other side, ready to welcome us to Hong Kong.  We stepped outside and were practically knocked down by the unique humidity... I didn't realize Hong Kong was in the tropics...

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