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As much fun as our journey to HK was, our trip back was even better.  We had a late morning departure, and we were more than ready to return home.  We hadn't been in the air very long at all, still over China, I'm sure, and the pilot asked if there was a doctor on board -- Emily panicked and wanted to know what was wrong.  I had no clue -- this had never happened before while I was flying.  More urgently, the pilot asked for ANY medically-trained personnel on board.  Lo and behold, the only medically-trained person onboard was a nursing student sitting next to my sister (another round of panic from her).  Come to find out, a man was having a heart attack five rows behind us.  Emily watched the whole thing; I fell asleep (what? Was I going to get up and beat on his chest? No... there was nothing I could do).  And, we continued on our merry way; they laid the man out in the aisle to rest.  And, the flight was a horrendously turbulent one.  It seemed like we bounced for hours, even waking me up from a slumber. 

I did notice different passengers this time, though.  Families coming home with babies that they had adopted.  There were five babies on board; one of them with the nursing student.  She'd come to China with her friend whose husband wasn't able to make the trip.  What an incredible thing to witness!!  The poor babies, though, were crying much of the time, probably because of their ears.  I was even having trouble with mine.

Our adventure did not stop there.  When we arrived in Chicago, I sarcastically made the comment to Emily to not be surprised if our luggage wasn't there.  But it was!  HOWEVER -- when we arrived in St. Louis, guess where our luggage was... yup! Chicago.  When it arrived at our house the next day, my lock had been cut, and the TSA had put a note in there that they had inspected my luggage.  I didn't care -- everything was there AND they had packed the suitcase better than I had.

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