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my pal, the mazda tribute
So, here's the summary of the trip (it keeps evolving as the trip goes on):

I have 3 goals for this trip:
1) See the most amazing sights in the US
2) Figure out what I want to do with my life for the next 5 years
3) Re-orient myself on many dimensions (fitness/health, some personality traits, etc)

For the first goal, I bought two books that are basically guiding me the whole way:
- National Geographic's Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways - 275 Most Scenic Drives
- National Geographic's Guide to National Parks
I also became a KOA member and used their campground directory to chart my route.

For the second goal, I've asked friends for books that could be stimuli for "enlightenment" - and here's the list of suggestions I've gotten.  I've bought most of them and I hope that they will lead to some insights, clarity, etc.  In addition, I've downloaded a bunch of classic music - basically, most of the top 100 albums of all time - I've always just listened to hip-hop, and I think the new exposure to classic rock will do something for me on those long drives.

For the third goal, I'm going to use a combination of those books, articles, and podcasts.  iTunes has a bunch of podcasts on personal growth, health/nutrition/fitness, motivation, philosophy, etc.  Plus, I'm really intrigued by the whole personal growth / self-help genre of books, so, I've bought a ton of them - I think a lot of them will be too simplistic for me, but its such an interesting peek into how other people perceive success and how they tell others to achieve it.

Currently, the plan is to trace the east coast down to Florida, spend 4th of July in New Orleans, then spend 20 days in the CO/UT/NM/AZ area and get to SF by end of July.  Then, spend 2 weeks in Chicago (fly) a week in Tahoe, and the month of September in SF.


Here's what my car has been packed with:
- 4 iPods (video, classic, clip-on shuffle, and the old shuffle)
- Sony PSP + games
- Laptop
- Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mat, Tarp, Pillow
- 2 folding chairs
- Boogie Board
- 2 Coolers (1 really big one in the back and a small one in the front for quick access)
- Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS
- Nikon D50 Digital SLR
- Nikon Coolpix S5
- 4 sunglasses (1 for driving; 1 cheap pair for the beach; 2 expensive, good pairs with different shade levels)
- 1 big US map book (each page is a state) + 1 fold-out US Map to trace my route
- EZ-Pass
- Extra container of gasoline (I've run out of gas 3 times before)
- Clothes: 6 comfy old polos,  6 t-shirts,  4 casual shirts, 3 linen shorts, 4 board shorts, 5 gym shorts, 2 jeans, 1 windbreaker, 1 hoodie, and all the other essentials
- 7 pairs of footwear: 3 flip-flops, 1 sandals, 2 athletic sneakers, 1 casual sneakers
- First-aid / health kit (key items: insect repellent; anti-itch cream; sun-block SPF 45;
- 4 towels, 3 flashlights, 2 umbrellas, and a poncho
- Journals and notebooks
- Duffel bag full of 40 books
- Jump rope and 2 dumbells
mswahili says:
I'm planning on going to the grand canyon this week and that's how i found you....I haven't done my research :( been too busy with work....hope i can get some good tips from ur travel
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
mswahili says:
I'm certainly envious, and wish I was in your shoes or travel pal!!! I hope you get to achieve you goals, and I can only imagine what a great time you must be having.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
tyguy047 says:
I'm envious! We did a similer trip last summer, and I want to do it again!
Posted on: Jun 29, 2007
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my pal, the mazda tribute
my pal, the mazda tribute
photo by: kidrah