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Heading for NYC I met some nice people on the plane who invited me to show up the next day at a TravBuddy meetup, as I was travelling alone. And that is how the TravBuddy adventure started.
After looking for a way into the city, we took the airtrain and arrived at Times Square. I was freezing every part of my body off, I had not expected minus 6°C... I immediately regretted me not bringing gloves!
First impressions: BIG BIG BIG. And 'wauw' of course...
Dropping my bags at the Big Apple Hostel (right next to Times Square, perfect location!), I continued towards the MoMa. Sniffing some culture would do me good. I queued a really long line, but it only took me 5 minutes to get to the entrance where they handed out free tickets that would also allow me to visit the Tim Burton expo. Very macaber but interesting.
In the meantime, darkness had set upon the city, not that it was actually dark, for Times Square can be seen all the way into Canada I think :).
As I sat on the red steps, I took it all in... 'I'm in New York' ran through my mind. 'Oh my god, I can't believe i'm in New York.'

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