Why does every flight have at least one screaming kid?

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Our plane.

        I’m currently on a South African Airlines 747 to Accra, Ghana. And, of course, there’s a screaming kid sitting somewhat diagonally from me. There are two little girls and they’re absolutely adorable, but the younger looking one can shriek louder than a soprano opera singer. She’s really happy though.  I hope that family gets off in Ghana. Thank heavens for really good headphones and the ability to sleep through almost any loud music. Now, about the plane. It’s the same type of plane as one I took to Australia last summer (a double-decker), but way more cramped. I’m short and my knees are about an inch (maybe less) from the seat in front of me. On the plus side, I’m not sitting on the wing, so the engine can’t keep me awake. And I have a view! According to my mom, South Africa time is only about six hours ahead of EST, except that it’s winter in South Africa. It’s also the local kids’ winter vacation. I'm amused that they're showing  health tips on a large screen in the center. Ugh. We’re going to arrive in Ghana at eleven pm their time, which means we’ll arrive in South Africa tomorrow. Wow, that’s a long flight. Oh! Interesting trivia fact (or so I've heard): there are no air traffic controllers in Africa. That means that the planes have to radio their locations to other planes and they have to listen to the radio transmissions of other planes. Apparently, African military planes have collided with passenger planes before. That’s kind of scary. After we land in Ghana, we have an eight hour flight and then a four hour car ride. The airlines gave us a little bag of stuff. The bag itself is fluorescent green and it came with fluorescent green socks!


            Okay, it’s 8.12 pm Washington time and tomorrow South African time, so I’m not quite sure whether I should start a new day or not. I think I’ll start a new day when we land in South Africa. Currently, we’re in Ghana and it’s pitch black outside There aren’t even any lights down the runway! Apparently this leg of the flight is only going to be six hours instead of eight hours. *Sigh of relief.*

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Our plane.
Our plane.
photo by: qophys