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The Grand Palace was on the list of things to do for our first day in Bangkok. The GrandPalaceis situated on the river and is not only home to the King, but also to one of the most famous wats (Buddhist temples) in Thailand, Wat Phra Kaew.  This particular wat, beautifully adorned and surrounded by exquisite buildings on all sides, is home to an emerald Buddha draped in gold clothing of which it has three sets, one for each season..

 This being religious grounds of significant importance, there was a dress code that included a ban on shorts. While I knew this before, I'd forgotten to bring along the attachable pant legs to my shorts and soon found myself in line to rent a pair of shiny blue pants to wear.


 With pants on, we perused the grounds snapping photo after photo before moving on to the attachedGrandPalacegrounds. More ornately decorated buildings and lots more photos and we were good to go. We tried to catch a boat back to our road but got a bit confused with all the different routes. We crossed the river a few times and got on four different boats before the correct one, but finally made it to our destination. A relaxing afternoon and some good food for dinner and the day was a wrap.

 The next day we got up fairly early and caught a taxi to the train station. We were heading an hour and a half north ofBangkokto the UNESCO world heritage site and ancient city ofAyuthaya.

 It was scorching by the time we arrived but we decided to brave the temps and rent bikes.

Except that Ji was wearing a short skirt. Hmm, first order of business: find some shorts! So off we went, pedaling to the market in search of shorts. The first few minutes didn't hold much, but then we struck gold. A pair of orange hello kitty short shorts for about $1!!

After a quick change, it was off to the temples. We lasted about two hours before deciding to head to the Elephant Krawl before heading back. I didn't know what an elephant krawl was, but was told it was definitely worth going to. And so it was!

We arrived and immediately saw a dozen elephants. Then we saw a massive bull elephant with enormous tusks. And then three baby elephants playing in make shift pools! So endearing. I snapped pics left and right as Jiyoung tried to recuperate with a coke in the shade. Once she got going again, we headed over to get up close and personal with the babies.

And Jiyoung, being the animal connoisseur that she is, got even more up close than that. One of the babies apparently thought she looked like a good play toy so started moving at her pretty quickly and rammign her with the top of her head. Then, as she tried to make a quick escape, her flip flop fell off. The elephant decided that on top of that flip flop would be a great place to stand for a bit, so we had to wait until he tired of that particular spot to retrieve it. So after the monkeys in Cambodia and the elephants in Ayuthaya, we can only imagine what new animal friend she'll make next. We finally hopped back on the bikes and made our way to the train station. On to Bangkok and we were done.

The next morning, we had a 6 hour bus trip and 1.5 hour boat trip to the diving mecca of Koh Tao in theGulf ofThailand. Ahsaaaaa. Until then.

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photo by: darkinvader143