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Ji and I showed up to the airport in Incheon all ready to go. The airlines said we wouldn’t be able to sit together, though, since we hadn’t reserved seats. Jiyoung looked quite excited that she didn’t have to sit by me, but I didn’t share in that sentiment as much. Onto the plane and as luck would have it, the guy next to her said he’d swap me and Ji and I were reunited for the 6.5 hour jaunt to Kuala Lumpur. Massive amounts of head thumping and confined Hapkido moves followed….. I emerged victorious. Ahsaa.


After a fairly speedy immigration process (probably thanks to Ji not getting detained this time!), we wandered around until we found a bus heading into the city. 55 minutes later, that bus left. Blah. We made it to KL Sentral and after walking in the wrong direction for 10 minutes or so, managed to sort things out and found our hotel. Then it was off to the towers!


Kuala Lumpur is home to the Petronas Towers which, until 2004, were the highest buildings in the world.

Buildings! There are two of them! Linked together by a bridge. After venturing up Taipei 101 (the building that took the Towers place as the tallest in ’04) last summer, we were excited to see the previous holder of it’s title.


But first, time to grab a snack. We rolled into KLCC and walked around a bit savoring the succulent smells wafting about. And then I spotted an Auntie Anne’s pretzel stores. And then we bought a warm Cinnamon sugar pretzel. And then we devoured it. It was during this eating frenzy that we happened upon a set of stairs leading outside. As we climbed them, Jiyound suddenly looked up, gasped through a mouth full of cinnamony goodness and backed straight into the wall. Directly above us loomed the Towers, arrayed in all their beauty. An hour of photo snapping ensued with lots of squeals of delight to be heard.


After that, back to the hotel and off to bed for four hours of sleep before heading back to the airport to catch our flight to Siem Reap. A massive amount of excitement and slight apprehension about missing my plane kept me awake, however, and I rolled out of bed at 3:40 am without a wink of sleep to my name. Hmm. Should be a wonderful next day! Off to Cambodia.

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congrats on your featured blog :)
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