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I'll tell you its been soooo long planning for this trip, I've been telling my parents/friends I'm going to travel to europe for like the past 4 yrs :P ....
After countless hours of deciding what places i want to visit, researching hostels and euro rail passes...I decided to go with a tour group instead. (which made my mom a lot happier...did i mention she suggested it in the first place?)
...anyway So I've fully paid for this trip with Contiki called Road to Athens + Greek Island Cruise. In that past week it has just been said to be (on the website at least) a definite departure and that its fully booked! which is good cause i really didn't want to change dates or flights.

So far I've made myself a little budget for spending money to bring with me and made a list of sights i want to see that aren't already a part of the tour....
I can't wait to get my travel documents!

*note: i added the optional that i want to do because they cost extra + on my computer everything is color it might look a little confusing on here...
Toronto to London: NOTHING
London: Lunch 15 GBP, Dinner 30 GBP
London: Lunch 15 GBP, Dinner 30 GPB
London: Lunch 15 GBP, Dinner 30 GBP = 135 GBP/meals --> 300 (-135/meals = 165) British Pounds = 460 CAD
London to Paris: Lunch 15 EU
Paris: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 30 EU
Paris to Lucerne: Lunch 15 EU
Lucerne to Munich: Lunch 15 CHF, Dinner 30 CHF Mt. Stanserhorn CHF 43.00 100 CHF = 94 CAD
Munich to Austrian Tyrol: Lunch 15 EU Swarovski Crystal World EU 7.00
Austrian Tyrol: Lunch 29 EU Bike/BBQ EU 29.00, Tandem Paraglidng EU 115.00
Austrian Tyrol to Venice: Lunch 15 EU White Water Rafting EU 39.00
Venice: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 30 EU Gondola Ride EU 21.00, Venice walking Tour EU 11.00, Venetian Restaurant EU 29.00
Venice to Florence: Lunch 15 EU
Florence: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 38 EU Tuscan Evening EU 38.00, Souvenir Group Photo EU 11.50
Florence to Rome: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 30 EU
Rome: Lunch 15 EU Guided Imperial Tour EU 26.00
Rome to Corfu: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 30 EU Pompeii EU 19.00
Corfu: Lunch 15 EU Water Sports EU 35.00
Corfu: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 30 EU
Corfu to Athens: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 32 EU Dinner and Greek Dancing EU 32.00
Athens: Lunch 15 EU, Dinner 37 EU Plaka Meal EU 37.00
Athens to Mykonos: Nothing
Patmos via Kusadasi: Nothing
Santorini via Crete: Nothing
Athens to Toronto: Lunch? 15 EU = 525 EU/meals + 270 EU/optionals = 800 EU --> 800 EU = 1070 CAN
My budget amount:
460 + 94 + 1070 = 1674 CAD
SUGGESTED AMOUNT (contiki says budget about 100/day) aprx. 2300 - 1600 = 700CAD extra (apprx. 500 EU)

*its still a little sparse, but most of the things i know for sure i want to see are already offered in the tour...if you have any suggestions i'd be happy to hear about them :)

• London:
1. Platform 9 3/4 --> Kings cross St pancras railway station
2. Tower Bridge
3. Big Ben
4. Buckingham Palace
5. London Legends Walking Tour (EU 7.00)
6. Brittish Music Experience
7. London Beatles Store & It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll 231 Baker Street, London NW1 6XE
8. Blood and Tears Walk: 
Meeting point: Barbican Tube Station. 7EU
9. british museum

1. Paris Catacombs
2. Pere Lachaise Cemetery
3. Notre Dame Cathedral

• Lucerne:
⁃ Mt. Stanserhorn (SF 43.00)

• Munich:

• Tyrol:
⁃ Swarovski Crystal World (EU 7.00)
⁃ Mountain Bike Tour & BBQ Lunch (EU 29.00)
⁃ Tandem Paragliding (EU 110.00)
⁃ White Water Rafting (EU 39.00)

• Venice:
⁃ Gondola rid along the canals (EU 21.00)

• Florence:

• Rome:
⁃ Guided Imperial Tour (EU 26.00)

• Pompeii:
⁃ Entry fee & Guided tour of ancient city (EU 19.00)

...So there you have first ever "travel" blog, hope it didn't bore you too much

sylviandavid says:
Florence: Uffizi museum / Accademia / Ponte Vecchio... (watch for thieves..) ....Amazing art amazing sculptures.... try to get tickets to museums in advance. Easy town to navigate ... pretty small... make sure you eat off the main area so the food is cheaper....
Posted on: Apr 15, 2010
nicnil says:
Posted on: Apr 14, 2010
shirlan says:
Congrats on completing your first ever travel blog. :-) Many more to come! How exciting, well done.
Posted on: Apr 13, 2010
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