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I swear that zombies exist after visiting the Honduran Capital.

But first, I must tell you how I got to Tegucigalpa. We dropped our monster truck off in some little town in Nicaragua near the Honduran border. From there, we took a one hour bus to the border to pass customs and get our passport stamps. Just to clarify, most bachpackers cross this border on the Panamerican Highway, but we didnt, we crossed it on Highway 12, pretty much a deserted part of the country where only locals go. So, once again, we were the only grongos for kilometers.

Once we arrived, the only thing I saw was a few broken down buildings and 5 guys eating lunch at a cafe. Once those guys saw us, they droped their food, stopped everything and began sprinting toward us. The only thing I thought was, "wow, Im getting robbed." However, their only intentions was to offer us a ride on the bike taxi to the customs office. So, we accepted.

Everything was cool, we rode for about 15 mins, pasted customs and then got on van that would bring us to a larger city where we could catch a bus to the capital. This part is nuts, pay attention.

We get on that van and start cruising north in the middle of no where Honduras. Nevertheless, our we stop because there is some guy frantically hailing us down in the middle of the highway. What the hell was this guy doing??? Well, we stop and soon found out what the big comotion was. His wife, a 5ft tall plump little indigenous women with her three from teeth missing was having a baby!

The van driver opened the door and let them aboard, then we start flying down the road about 130 km/hr to the hospital while this lady is in labor one seat behind me. Shes screaming, moaning and, well, I guess just doing whatever else you do when you have a baby, use your imagination... Not cool.

This went on for a good half hour and the van smelled absolutely horrible. I became sick and almost vomitted out the window. I can honestly say Ive never had a bus ride like this in my life. Finally, we made it to the hospital, dropped the women and husband off and then hopped on our bus to Tegucigalpa.

Well, the adventure continues. We arrived in Tegucigalpa in the middle of the ghetto at about 10 o┬┤clock at night. We get off, but before hailing a taxi, the bus driver warned us that there were some "very strange people in this part of town and we better watch out." Strange people? Come on, Im from Louisiana, I know strange people, it cant be that bad, can it?

Well, it was. We find a taxi a few mins later. As we are loading our backpacks in, I see some sketch guy in ragged clothes who hasnt bathed in about 3 month across the street stop, point his finger at me, then start walking towards us. My friends back was turned and this guy was comming on fast, I shouted, "Suarez, watch out!" My friend turned, right when the guy was a yard away from him, but then, he stopped, and just started starring with an odd glaze in his eyes.

Then, suddenly, I feel something touch my shoulder. I turn around and see another sketch zombie half dead dude decked out in camo with long grey hair covering his face a foot away from me tapping my shoulder with his index finger every two seconds. I was shocked, this dude really did come out of nowhere, almost like he teleported or something. Like the other zombie, he just stood there not saying a word and continued tapping away. Man, we had to get out of here.

We get in the taxi as fast as possible, but then see another group of zombies, about three of them, come crossing the street toward us. They all gathered around the car and just star moaning and tapping the window. I litteraly felt like I was in a horror movie, It was crazy!

Well, we escaped the zombies and made it to our hostal. We wanted to go out that night, so asked the hostal owner where a good place was. She said that there wasnt too much going on, especially since it was Monday night. Then she warned us that it would be better just to stay in the hostal because there "are wierd people in this city." Hmmmm, where have I heard that before? Maybe this city really was infested with zombies.

The hostal owner turned out to be pretty cool and she hooked us up with free drinks and food the whole night. Beats dodging zombies, huh? The next morning, we get up and take off to Copan, a city famous for its well preserved Mayan ruins. We escaped the Zombie City and survived. It was little freaky, a little wierd, and Im pretty sure that lady has a kid by now, but hey, it always makes for a great story, right?

Lasttraveller says:
that is nuts
Posted on: Dec 16, 2009
Jc22ny says:
Youre too funny!hahahaha
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
EDGtravel says:
dude, you should write a book - entertainment at its best!
Posted on: Mar 09, 2008
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