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So, continuing from my San Juan story and our road trip, we arrived in Leon around dusk just before dark. But, before going to our hostal, we took our truck around the city still blarring the same reggaeton CD that we had been playing for 5 hrs. And for the record, all reggaeton songs really do have the same beat!

We unloaded our backpacks at a really awesome hostal called the Big Foot. I recomend anyone going to Leon to stay there, its great, cool people, a nice lounge, close to the main part of town and pool tables. Speaking of pool table, as we were playing a game, an Ausie, Swedish, and English came up to us and asked us if we were going to Triva Night. Trivia Night??? They explained that its really fun, and the winners can win cool things like food and drinks. FREE FOOD AND DRINKS!!! IM THERE!!!

We all signed up and named our group Team Basura in honor of our old Chilean buddies from Cusco. They explained the rules and the game begun. They actually asked some pretty tough questions, like whats the longest river in Nicaragua? How many number one hits did the Beattles have? What was the first food man invented? Stuff like that.

Well, we didnt win, 4th place, no free food for us, I want too happy, especially since I am the most competitive person in the world. But, I still swear the game was rigged! So, my other American friend and I complained, in tipical good ole American fasion, claiming that the other teams cheated. Then, of course, the jokes came about how Americans are swore losers and stuff like that. However, all these jokes led to a really cool discussion about the USA and everyone became very interested. We explained tipical US life like football, BBQ and talegating... Wait a second, tailgating, MY GOD, WE HAVE A HUGE TRUCK. LETS TALGATE!

So, all of us went outside, poped the back end of the truck down, blasted some music and gathered around for a good American Talgate party in the middle of central Leon. We started out just the five of us, but as other toursit, and even Nicaraguans, passed by, they couldnt resist, and joined in. By the end of the night, we had a good 15 people from all over the world gathered around our truck tailgating away. It really was absolutely hillarious, tailgating in Nicaragua. So, attention everybody from around the world, especially for those living in Central America, if talegating becomes big in a town near you, Im pretty sure it came from us... You can thank us, or send us hate emails to us, later.

Later, the party died down, and we all crashed. I woke up the next morning to only discover that I couldnt find my passport. After an hr of looking, still no luck, so I got ready to hop back in the truck and head to the embassy in Managua. Just when I picked up my bag, there it goes falling out. Man, I hate it when that happens, what a rude awakening. Im pretty sure every backpacker has had an experience like this one. After a slight scare, we packed up and drove our Nissan power truck to the next town over to turn it in and head to Honduras.

It was great driving again and taking a break from the bus. In fact, we liked it so much that we plan on getting another one in Mexico. Its definitely thew best way to travel, you get your own music, you go faster and you can actually stop and use the bathroom whenever you want, unlike Central American buses. We have already passed through Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, but I really dont feel like writing about it right now because Im exhausted, long day. Tomorrow, it whould be up. Chau!

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photo by: Chokk