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After escaping the zombies in Tegucigalpa, we decided to head to Copan, the site of the world famous Copan Mayan Ruins.

We left the capital really early in the morning, meaning we were extremely tired, or in other words, meaning we slept passed our bus conection city. We were an hour aways from where we needed to be, so we got in a taxi to bring us to the next town where we could get another bus to Copan. So, after an hour in taxi, we finally makde it.

Some one informed us that the next bus didnt leave untill 5:00pm, and it was 3:30 when we got there. No big deal, only an hour and a half, nothing, right?

Wrong, 30 mins later, a terrential storm came tearing through the town, and the only thing we had for protection was a wooden shack. There were constant booms of lightening and thunder causing a few locals off the street to take shelter in the shack with us. However, it started raining so hard, that the streets began to flood, water was up to our ankles, and rising. Just when you think things couldnt get any worse, a strong gust of wind blew half of our shack down, our only form of protection.

So there we are, standing outside in the middle of a violent storm, soaking wet just waiting to be struck by lightening. That seriously sucked. To make matter worse, it was freezing cold! Finally, the bus showed up and we all pilled in, the only problem was that they had the AC blasting inside. I felt like I was freezing to death.

An hour later, we get to Copan, and we find the nearest place with a hot shower to try and defrost. We got a good nights rest to get ready for the next day at the Mayan Ruins.

The ruins are pretty amazing, I had no clue there civilization was that advanced. There were huge pyramids, sports courts and even residencial areas, pretty incredible. Plus, we were allowed to walk up pretty much all the pyramids, not too much was off limits. There was also a series of tunnels connection everything undergroud, quite impresive. I could go on forever about how it was, but its so hard to explaing all the little things and details that exists from an ancient culture, your just going to have to go yourself to find out.

By far my favorite part was the Mayan hyrogliphics. Copan is known as the site with the most gliphs, and it seemed true. There was writting everywhere, covering the sides of enire towers and temples. If you ever get the chance to check this place out, do it, you wont be let down. Theres also wierd and crazy animals everywhere walking around, definitely do the nature trail if your there as well to check them out.

Apart from that, the night life was pretty lame, but who needs night life when you have cool ancient ruins. Next stop, Antigua, Guatemala.

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photo by: Cho