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$, yep, thats all I can really express about San Jose.

This is by far the most expensive city in Latin America that I know, it really is rediculous. I spent more in one night, just one night, in San Jose than I spent in one week in Peru. Give me a break. Sorry, Im not too happy about it, especially since the trip is coming to an end and our funds are getting low.

The thing is, we didnt even want to stay in San Jose, we just wanted to take a bus from the border straight to Nicaragua, but, we ran a little late, and missed it, making us pass the night there. After bitching about the costs of everything, I will say some positive things about it.

Costa Rica is very pretty, the landscape is beutiful. Tons of people from all over the globe come for ecotourism, and I see why. If your really into nature and wildlife, its definitley the place for you.

Away from the country side and into the city, San Jose isnt that bad. I guess it is kind of similar to other Central American capitals, its crowded and a little run down, but being that Costa Rica is the most stable of her neighbors, being considered the Switzerland of Central America, the city has a lot to offer.

It was Friday night, and we went out to a pretty cool place called Castro`s. It has kareoke one one floor, and slasa on the other, not a bad place. We spent a few hours there and had a pretty good time and met some cool people. However, toward the end of the night, the wallet started getting a little thin, so we headed back.

Our hostal wasnt in the nicest part of town, but it was only 2 blocks from Castros. So, we just decided to walk it. For protection, yea, get this, we carried our glass bottles in the back of our pockets. Maybe a little extreme, but everyone pretty much told us we would get robbed if we walked around that area at night. Nothing happened, luckily, and we arrived safely at the hostal.

So, thats it, one night in San Jose, we couldnt afford to stay another. So, early the next morning, we headed to Nicaragua, a place I was dying to know. The bus ride to the border was interesting, we barley missed the bus, meaning we were the last people to get on, meaning that we had to stand up the entire trip for 5hrs. Yep, thats Central America, they pack the buses to the walls with people with out mattering if you have a seat or not. It still wasnt bad though, We struck up a conversation with a few people and just talked the rest of the way and stared at the country`s amazing landscape. After saying that, and to get forgiveness from Costa Rica for calling it too expensice, the people in that country are extremely helpful and nice, some of the most kind that I have met on this trip so far.

Now, I am in Nicaragua, having, litteraly, one of the best times of my life. Im in love with this country. Ive got some great stories, say check back in a few days. Chau!

pinchora says:
I hear costa rica is very beautiful and everybody should go there sometime in their life!!! It's good to see you're having fun! Can't wait to hear about Nicaragua!! =)
Posted on: Aug 12, 2007
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San Jose
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