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Cartagena is so amazing that I dont even know where to start. Its not ot only one of my favorite cities that I have passed through this trip, but one of my favorites that I have ever seen in my life, no kidding.

First of all, its an old colonial city where pirates such as Sir Francis Drake use to hang out. Theres a beutiful ancient town center with classic architecture, colorful buildings and tropical plazas. Theres also a wall than surrounds the entire old city that was used for protection against invasion. Even today, they have cannons instaled in the wall from 400 yrs ago. Sorry, thats my nerd side coming out again, but seriously it is awesome!

Ok, fine, just to prove that Im not that big of a nerd, the beaches are absolutely incredible too.

Theres one in the city, Boca Grande, and some others that are near by accesible by boat or bus. Chilling on a white beach with baby blue water surrounded by limon and palm trees was definitely one of the relaxing moments I have had in a while.

On top of the beaches and architecture, the party scene is great and packed with tourist from all over the world and various cities of Colombia. Theres everything from big expensives discos, to chill bars, to just buying a few beers off the street and chilling in the hostal. If thats not your scene, you can always do all of the above! There is litterally something for everyone.

So, with so much to do in such little time, what did we do??? Well, obviously, everything.

The first night we got there, us, the German and the 3 Dutch, our travel group at the moment, arrived at our hostal to find people from all over the world gathered around drinking and exchanging great travel stories, so naturally we joined right in. After a few hours, everyone took off to go explore the famous Cartagena night life. Im not going into details, but just take my word that it was great.

The next day, we woke up very, VERY, early to go grab a spot at the beach. We chilled all day, played soccer with the locals (yes, and we did win... twice!) and swam to cool of from the 38 degree C weather. Fun times, as you can already imagine. That night, we pretty much just repeated the night before. Meet other travelers in the pregame hostal party then go out for a crazy saturday night on the town. Nope, still no details will be given, you need to come to experience it yourself.

Sunday, we decided to take a break from the beach, mainly because we were too burned, but also because we wanted to explore the center of the town where all the old architecture and history is. We walked around a while, saw just about everything and tried to cool off from the 42 degree C heat. This place is heaven but as hot as hell. Later that night, yep, you guesed it, a repitition of the past two previous nights. Plus, something that is actually kind of humorous, everyone stays awake all night because its litterally is too hot to sleep.

The next day, and the best day I passed here, the Dutch and I took a boat to La Playa Blanca. Its one of the top 5 most beutiful beaches I have ever seen in my life. This is the place I was talking about earlier with smooth white sand, clear bllue water and limon trees, cool huh? We just sat around all day, swam, ate sea food cought right of the shore and ate limons that fell into your lap right from the trees. Best of all, there were very little tourist, almost like we had the whole place to ourselves. Still havnt convinced you to come here yet?

Tuesday, went back to the beach in the city, Boca Grande. We were all exhausted from the previous days, so everyone just kind of scattered out to either to take a nap, get a $5 beach massage or meditate during sun set. Me, I did all three! It was so peaceful and so beutiful that it was one of those moments that just made you happy to be alive. Ok, I guess thats my hippie side coming out right now, but seriously, it was awesome.

Now, its Wednesday, our last day here. The German and Dutch took off to another beach and we are left here for one more night, but all is good, because as the say, when one adventure ends, another begins, and do we have another great adventure coming up tomorrow.

We went down to the docks the other day to meet a few capitans of boats. From there, you talk with them, buy them a beer, make a good impresion and then ask him how much he will charge us to get a lift to Panama. Piece of cake. We met a really cool German guy with an awesome boat who said hed have no problem bringing us. The only thing we had to do was pay him a little bit of cash and find 6 other to have a full crew. So, I guess as you say your goodbyes to one group of friends, you meet another travel group the next day and start all over again. Our fellow passangers who will be with my friend, the capitan and I will consist of an Argentine, a German, 2 Kiwis (New Zealanders), a Spaniard and an Austrian.

So, for the next 5 days, the first 2 of them we will be traveling the Colombian Caribean Coast at sea, the next 2 on the San Blas Islands and the last getting to mainland Panama. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS ADVENTURE, words cant describe how excited I am, I love sailing and being on the open water, its kind of one of those other moments that just makes you hapy to be alive. Ok, enough tree hugging talk... I got to go.

Ill be out of contact the next several days, but when I finally get to Panama, Ill let you know how the sailing trip goes. Talk to you soon. Paz.

Jc22ny says:
Was it truly that easy to find someone to take you Panama?or youre just very lucky?
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
cseber says:
Great Blog!
Posted on: May 09, 2008
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