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No, we didnt go to Machu Pichu, I think we are the only people that have ever gone to Cusco and not go to Machu Pichu. It seems cool and I have heard great things about it, but time and money just arent on our side, maybe next year...

However, since we didnt do the Inca Trail, it gave us the chance to do some less touristy stuff, something that I perfer because its original and off the beaten track. For example, we rode some horses to some other Inca ruins and saw some pretty cool things. The best by far was called El Templo de la Luna (or for you non Spanish speakers, The Moon Temple). This sacred temple was a place where the Incas made sacrifices other offerings to the gods. They would wait for the for a full moon to line up perfectly with a hole in the temple and then sacrifice llamas, definitely one of the most interesting places I have ever seen.

Apart from El Templo de la Luna and the other ruins that we saw, Cusco itself is just a great city, especially if your looking to party. Theres so many tourist that come from all corners of the globe so naturally theres a huge party scene. Every night there is something going on and and free drinks are not uncommon. Actually, tons of Peruvians come here during vacation just for the parties. And guess what, we are here right in the middle of Peruvian vacations! As you can imagine, it has been a blast.

We stayed at a really cool hostel, La Resbolosa. I highly recomend it. It is only $5 a night and has an amazing view of the city. Its also a good place to meet other travelers, something that is buy far my favorite part of traveling. We met some cool Chileans and started Team Basura. Sorry, I would love to explain more about this, but its just way to long, so buy our book in a few months  to find out more!

However, this is also one of the biggest flaws of Cusco. There are just so many damn toursit running around with their cargo shorts, cameras and knee socks. Also, its hard to walk down the street with out being haggled to buy something or get your shoes polished, that is annoying as well.

As of now, I absolutley love Peru. As you have already noticed, I am fascinated with Inca and other indiginous cultures, something that Cusco has, but at the same time there is a strong Latino influence, something else that I absolutely love. Ill be very content spening the next several days in this country.

So, after a four crazy nights in a crazy city, we have decided that enough is enough. In a few hours we head to Lima. From there we will slowly be making our way up north to the Caribean Coast of Colombia, meaning that finally we are getting out of this cold weather! Ill write you from Lima, chau!

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photo by: Vlindeke