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After escaping the she-males, we finally made our way up north to Medallin, one of Colombias largest and coolest cities...

We arrives very late on Tuesday night, so all we did was check into our hostal, drink a beer, and go to sleep. The next few days were a lot better though.

We wake up and meet everyone staying in the hostal, a cool group of people actually. A Frenchman, German, Italian, New Zealand, 3 from Holand and many other European travelers. See, no Americans come to Colombia because they are scared that they will get kidnapped (no comment), but it seems like the whole rest of the world comes here to travel with no fear. Please teach my fellow country men to travel like this!

So, the first day, a group of us took the metro down to the  town center. It was like any other tipical "centro" in Latin America: large old churches, museums, plazas, parks, lots of action, stores and colonial buildings. However, this one was really nice, one of the nicest I have seen on this trip so was beutiful! Everything from the architecture the ambience, Medallin is great.

That night, the Frenchman claimed to have met a modle (tipical French), and said that she invited all her friends to a club. So, we took a chance and taged along with him. Well, the "modle" never showed up, but I think her friends definitley did. This club, called B Lounge, had by far the most beutiful women packed into one space that I have ever seen into my life. Think about it, a room jammed with Colombian modles, in other words, heaven.

The next day, we had to go back to the town center just to see it again. I never go back to the same place twice when in a city, but it was just so cool that I had to give it a second look. I highley recomend that you go to Medallin, even for all you Americans that are too scared to come!

That night, we had a huge international party in our hostal, just about every country from the EU and us two Americans. It was a great time, hearing the Germans argue with the Dutch over soccer, the Frenchman argue about everything and the Italian just smoking a cigarette the whole time knowing that no body can say anything to him because his homeland just won the world cup. Its amazing how I can be in the middle of Colombia and learn about other cultures on the other side of the planet. This is why I love globalization.

In other words, if you havent already gotten the picture, come to Colombia and make a stop in Madallin. Everything from the beutiful plazas, great people, top modles and good night life make it a great destination that has everything for everyone.

Anyways, we made pretty good friends with the 3 Dutch and the German (yes, they seddled their feude over soccer), and they decided to come along with us to Cartagena for the weekend. So, we all packed up early the next morning, hit the road and, 12 hrs later, we are here. Now, its Saturdays night in Cartagena, and Im sitting here at a computer just to inform the world about this experience, but, Im done now, meaning I must go. Ill write back in a few days over more info about this amazing city. Chau!

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photo by: caliphil007