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Antigua is just one of those tipical tourist towns packed with Spanish Languages schools and foreigners trying to learn Spanish... in other words, its just one big colonial town packed with parties.

We arrived late Friday night, just as everything was begining to pick up. We were surrounded by foreigners, it almost rivaled Panama City. Im not saying thats a bad thing, but its always good to meet locals and learn about their life. To our luck, we met a really cool Guatemalan in our hostal who was in town for her friends birthday. After conversing for an hour, she invited us to come along. Perfect, we got to go to a Guatemalan birthday party! This has got to be cool!

And it was. We were the only gringos there but everyone was really open and nice, giving us food and drinks and trying to teach us how to dance. For the record, gringos cant dance, we are not born with "el ritmo" that latinos have, so please, when a gringo hits the dance floor, take cover.

So after chilling at the party for a while, everyone decided to go out. Since there was a large group, everyone split up and went to different places. We ended up at one bar which was pretty cool and from there, we met more locals who were really chill. As you can see, Guatemalans are great, they`re bery nice and open to everyone.

So, after the bar closed, we were invited to an after party at one of their houses. So, pretty much, that night, we had a tipical Guatemalan night, which was awesome. We learned so much about their culture, life and Spanish slang, very cool I must say.

The next day, I woke up early to go on a hike up to an active volcano. We arrived at the base of one mountain, from there, we had to hike 3km uphill to make it to the base of the volcano. It was pretty rigourous, Im surprised that everyone was able to make it, but it was definitley worth the sweat.

The volcano is bad ass! Smoke was constantly rising out the top of it and there was a river of lava flowing at the bottom, it was the first time Ive ever seen lava in my life. Our guide took us closer to get a better look, in fact, we were so close that the bottom of my shoes began to heat up and melt, I kid you not. I knew lava was hot, but I had no clue it was hot enough to melt your shoes from 10 meters away!

Then, our crazy guide whipped out some marshmellos and began cooking them over the llava, this was probally the coolest thing Ive ever seen in my life. Everybody ate one, but me, oh no, I had to eat three. They were excelent, the only thing missing was the chocolate and gram crackers. So, not only was it my first time to see lava, it was my first time to eat marshmellos cooked off the heat of lava. Hey, I guess theres a first time for everything, right?

We stayed there all day until sunset. The view is way better at night because the lava is illuminated and bright. Also, right before leaving, the side of the massive volcano errupted and blew some rocks and more lava into the air. This was awesome! It wasnt a full out explosion, just a mini one lasting a few seconds, but still one of the highlights of my trip.

That night, I passed out and missed a Saturday night in Antigua, I guess the hiking and marshmellows put me down for the night. It was good to get some sleep though because I had to wake up very early the next morning to get to Guadalajara, Mexico; one of my most favorite cities in the world... where I am now. Hasta Luego!

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photo by: monky