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Its so good to be back in Buenos Aires. After spending 6 months here last semester, it almost feels like a second home. After a 20 hour bus ride from the Triple Frontera, I finally arrived in Buenos Aires at 7 in the morning. I get to my house and of course everyone is sleeping, or at least thats what I thought... At 8 in the morning, my Argentine brother comes walking throught the door, "Trey, ya llegaste!" 

That right there pretty much explains Buenos Aires, coming home at 8 in the morning. See, los porteños (people from Buenos Aires) are nocturnal. They eat dinner at 10 or 11 at night, start to pregame at 1am, and usually dont even go out to a bar or club until 3am! So, if you come here, you definitely need to change your sleeping habits.

Apart from the vibrant night life, the food here is amazing. Argentina had a huge wave of Italian imigrants in the begining of the 20th century, so the pizza and pastas are amazing. Also, tipical Argentine food is excelent. The steak is world famous and the wine is great, plus everything is extremely cheap so you dont have to blow your wallet on a good meal.

So, pretty much, I have just spent the last week eating and going out, not a bad life, huh? So, if you like great food and partying all night in a metropolitan city with beutiful porteñas, then come to Buenos Aires, you wont be disapointed.

However, like anything, all good things come to an end. Tomorrow, at 1 in the afternoon, the real adventure begins. My friend Suarez and I are heading to La Quiaca, a border town on the Bolivian border. I and no body else Ive spoken with has ever heard of this place, I have no clue what its like and Im pretty sure theres not to much to see or do, but for some reason that makes me want to go there and check it out. I mean, come on, theres got to be something there, right? Ill let you know in a few days. Chau BsAs, ¡hasta pronto!

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