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I had to put a corny tittle like this just to make all of you all read, and, it looks like I got the job done because you are reading this now, arnt you???

We left Quito at 4am and traveled litterally all day pass the Ecuador-Colombia border untill we reached Cali. Actually, contrary to what I previously thought, this border crossing was by far the easiest that we have done, definitley not like our other experiences. There were so many military personal and police that anyone with the slightest idea of commiting a crime (or kidnapping a few gringos) would have to of been mad! So, we crossed the border with ease at about 11am, then continued our long bus ride north.

However, 5 mins after our bus took off, the driver pulled over at some random house on the side of the road. Some guy came out with a few packages wrapped in black plastic garbage bags and started laoding them into the bus. Afterwards, he handed the driver a wad of pesos. Hmmmmmmmm, maybe it was some of those good Ecuadorian bananas, or maybe even some of that Colombian coffee... maybe, but most likely it was Colombia┬┤s #1 export instead.

I was nervous on the bus just for the fact that we were between the cities of Pasto and Cali, FARC territory, but to be honest, the landscape was so beutiful that I didnt even have time to think about danger. Yea, I was surprised, souther Colombia is absolutely amazing. You are constantly surrounded by rolling hills covered with tropical plants and palm trees, small towns and villages and rolling rivers that cut through the mountains creating deep vallies. For the rest of the 10hr ride, I didnt read, write or do anything else beside stare out the window. No wonder the guerillas chose this area to take over...

We arrived very late into Cali, at about 11:30pm, and went directly to our hostal to drop off our stuff. But, obviously, this was after our driver pulled over the side of the road again to unlaod those large packages. Bienvenido a Colombia! Upon entering, there were a few other backpackers sitting around, watching tv and drinking a few beers. We introduced ourselves and met a few travelers of fom Israel, England and Australia. After a few drinks, we decided to go out and check out the Cali bar scene.

Well, it was Monday night and there was absolutely nothing open. We walked a few more blocks, nothing. So, we decided to call it a rest night and go back to the hostal. However, walking back, we realized that there was something else going on in our neighborhood... transvestite prostitutes. Yea, around 1am, our entire neighborhood became packed with Colombian transvestite prostitutes... not exactly the party scene we were looking for.

We decided to pick up the pace and get back fast. But then, all of a sudden, we hear a deep low pitch voice from behind us, "Hey boys, wanna have some fun?" We turned around and there was a topless silicone injected male with hair down to her, I mean his, I mean... hell, I dont know, waste. HOLY GOD, NO, AS A MATTER OF FACT, I DONT WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!!! I know that we have had some pretty scary experiences on this trip so far, but this was by far the most horrifying. I actually would had perfered a run in the FARC instead of these guys.

Suarez and I jetted out of there faster than you can say she-male. Finally, we got back, safe and sound, away from all the... the... ok, Ill be politically correct, "transvestites." This is probally the funniest thing that has happend on our trip so far.

Apart from that, from the little bit that we saw, Cali is a cool place. Its safe, clean, well developed and the people are extremely nice and helpfull. Most people think that Colombia is just some jungle with guerillas running around snorting coke, but its not. Its a great country with an amazing culture. Its crazy how the media can blow things way out of porportion. Also, well, you knew I was gonna say it, the women here are some of the most beutiful in the world. I think I might have to spend a little bit more time in this country.

Well, after one night in Cali, we decided to keep heading north. Next stop, Medallin, where we are now. Ill keep you posted in a few days, Bye!

enesterova says:
you are good in writing!
Posted on: Jan 24, 2009
Koningkompeder says:
nice writing indeed. I really enjoyed your story. In a few weeks going to central-america but maybe I should "risk' the journey from Panama to "locombia" (haha. Keep up the good work!
Posted on: Sep 20, 2008
Jc22ny says:
Sounds like you your had lots of fun!Love your writting style
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
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