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San Juan del Sur is amazing, straight up! I dont know whats up, if the planets were alined for us or something, but seriously, anything good that could of happened, happened.

First, we get there to see that its a beutiful little town with a great beach. Theres about 5,000 locals in the town, but there also a lot of surfers, nicaraguan tourist and backpackers from all around the world. The beach is shaped like a horse shoe, with tall cliffs surrounding each side and dozens of sail boats in between on the open water. On top of all that, we found a really nice and cheap hostal right near the beach. Ok, a good start, it gets better...

After taking a tour of the city, our luck just got out of control. My friend went to the ATM to get some cash. However, get this, upon entering, he found 500 US bucks just laying on the floor!!!! I kid you not.

Well, somebody else would of taken it, and besides, what do you do in this sittuation.... backpacking for 2 months in the third world on an extremely limited budget, it was time to celebrate and splurge. Ok, it gets better...

We went out to a sea food restaurant right on the beach and ate just about every kind of dish there was, calamari, octapus, shrimp, fish, lobster and even some good ole chicken wings. We chilled there for a while, drank a few beers and watched the sunset over the horizon. It was the best meal Ive had in months! Beats bread and cheese from local super markets. It gets better...

Then, the party began. We had cash and were ready to go. We pregamed at the hostal and bought some others some drinks, at least we were being generous. We met some really cool people and heard some pretty crazy surfing stories. Afterwards, we all headed out to a bar on the beach. I met a few other Americans, and began to tell them about my trip. In the middle of our story about our boat ride from Panama to Colombia, I looked up, and saw the most beutiful girl in town for like a split second, but then disapeared. Damn, I hate it when that happens. But, it still gets better...

So later, we went to another place, but it was already pretty late. We were all dancing and having a good time, but then, I looked up again, and saw that same girl, except this time with a friend. Awesome! So, my friend and I went to introduced ourselves and they turned out not only to be beutiful, but really cool as well. Seriously, it doesnt get any better than that, or does it?

So a great night I must say, it was nice to splurge and let lose for a night and actually spend over 15 bucks. Great people, great food and fantastic party party was just the thing we needed.

The next day, we woke, and headed to the beach with the Nicaraguans we met the night before. It was a little over cast, but still bright enought to have a good time and swim in the Pacific Ocean all day. However, all good things come to an end, they had to go back to Managua that night since one had work the next day, oh well, thats how it goes, I guess.

Suarez and I went out that night just expecting to have a relaxing night since it was Sunday. However, this is kind of funny actually, to the table next to us, there were about 7 girls being about 15 yrs old throwing back shots and going nuts. I dont know what the drinking age is in Nicaragua, but Im pretty sure its not 15. They then tell us that they are moddles and are doing a shoot on the beach... im pretty sure that was a lie. After laughing at how rediculous they were though, we decided to go back and wake up early for another day at the beach. Sorry, I had to throw this story in, usually I would of left it out, but it really was hillarious.

Well, we woke up, swam a little and got some sun, then, suddenly, had the urge to just keep on moving. I think after traveling so much, you just cant stay in one place too long. Sooo, as crazy as this seems, we looked up, and saw an Alamo car rental place, and thats when the lighbulb went off in my head. Yes, absolutely, we had to do it, rent a car in Nicaragua and drive north to Leon, hey, why not.

So, we picked out the biggest truck they had, a 4 door double cab black Nissan bad ass son of a bitch truck that any Southern would of been proud to own. I jumped in, started the engine, then hit the gas and teared off.... and then it stalled out. Ooops, big surprise, the truck was a stick shift, not automatic. The only problem is, I dont know how to drive a manuel. But of course, that didnt stop us.

I practiced getting the hang of it around the road near the beach for a few hrs. Picture this, a gringo, in a huge ass truck, riding down the road, blarring reagaeton, and then, out of nowhere, just stalling out. You could only imagine the amount of looks, honks from other cars and laughs from girls on the beach we got.

So after almost wrecking the thing a few times, I finally got the hang of it, so we took off. There we were, cruising through Nicaragua, dodging bulls, cows, pigs, horses and little kids running barfoot around the highway. I almost hit a few due to the clutch, but, luckily, I didnt. So, after a few hrs of ridding, we arrived in Leon, a fairly populated colonial town in Norther Nicaragua.

Since Im extremely behind on my blogs, Im just going to go ahead and write about Leon now. So flip the page.

Jc22ny says:
Great Story!Lucky dog for finding 500 dollars...
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
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