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So after the worse bus ride of my life, Im finally in La Paz. So why was it so bad you ask... well, 20 hr bus ride, no bathroom, a tight and cramped tiny bus, the seats didnt recline, there was no padding on the seats, the driver was taking down litters of beer while he was driving, the dust was getting kicked up into the bus making it impossible to breath and, just when it couldnt be any worse, some lady fell alseep in my lap, this my friendis no joke. So, as uncomfortable and as cold as it was, i didnt sleep for 20 hrs straight and couldnt read or write anything because there was no light. It was a night from hell!

However, we made it to La Paz. Its such a cool city! The center of town is very colonial, old Spanish buildings and tiny cobble stone streets, kind of like other Latin American towns, but, its unique because theres such a strong indiginous influence that mixes well with the city, very very very interesting. All the women walk around in traditional dresses and top hats, and the people are extremely and accepting. Its also awesome to hear old indiginous languages spoken on the streets like Quechua or Aymara. I like this culture a lot!

The city has an interesting geography too. Its a valley, with the center of the city directly in the middle. But, surrounding the entire city on the mountain side are shanty towns similar to a favela. Its massive, circling the entire city. Bolivia is a great place full of ancieant culture, but the poverty is very notable.

We had a pretty unique experience today though. We were just exploring the town, checking out different neighborhoods, when we stubbled upon the main center plaza. It was filled with millitary personal, red carpets and a marching band, so, as curious as we were, we decided to stick around. Then, suddenly, a few carscome pulling up, and everyone starts chearing. The first person to step out of the car was, yep, you guessed it, the president of Bolivia Evo Morales. Everyone was chearing and chanting EVO, EVO, EVO. Definitley a different experience, but cool to see Evo interact with the people.

I wish I could stay more time here, but tomorrow, we are crossing the border to Peru to a town called Puno right on lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world. Itssupose to be beutiful, but I guess Ill see with my own eyes. Ill let you know how it is. Faloooo

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La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009