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Ok, I have heard that Lima is cool and there are some really cool places, I mean, come on, its the City of Kiungs for God`s sake! But, that was definitley not the impression I saw.

We had, another, really dificult bus ride from Cusco to Lima. The highway goes right through the Andes and you are constantly zig zagging between the mountains the entire time. You are constantly on the edge of the cliff with no guardrail. In fact, its not uncommon for busses to fall off, sad, but true, since it happend one week ago. So, yea, that was kind of scary, especially since I am horrified of hights. So, after that long 20 hr ride, we made it to Lima, where everything would be fine, right?

Wrong, our bus arrives in a neighborhood that rivals Rosinha in Rio de Janeiro and its dusk. We step out and we are the only foreigners for miles, and, obviously, instantly get haggled from about 10 different people to buy candy, drugs or a taxi, none of which we needed. I try to go call my friend that lives there, no luck. Then try to find a place to stay for the night and watch the Copa America game, nope, that didnt happen either. So, we decided that yea, Lima, especially Miraflores, could be cool, and Im sure we might be missing out on some great things that the city has to offer, but we werent just feeling this place. So, we did what we do best, hop on the next bus and go to the next city, Trujillo, Peru.

However, I will say this, even though I just bashed Lima, I still loooove Peru. Cusco was amazing, Lake Titicaca is beutiful and now we are in Trujillo which is already one of my favorite cities. So, Ill keep you posted on how the rest of our stay in Trujillo is in a few days, as for now, time to go out, wake up early and hit the beach tomorrow. Chau!

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photo by: rsvpme