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Yep, the tittle pretty much explains it all, me and my friends are dead broke. I dont know what happend??? We arrived in Trujillo two nights ago, went to the near by beach of Huanchaco, went out a few nights and.... damn, I just dont know????

Trujillo is awesome. Its a pretty big city, a little more than 600,000 people, meaning theres a lot to do and lots of action. At the same time, its beutiful, the town square, La Plaza de Armas, is a cool place to chill out and drink mate while doing a little people watching. The city itself if very clean and safe, the complete opposite of Lima. Also, and my favorite part, there are no tourist! I enjoy being off the beaten track and getting a taste of real Peruvian life. Its way better than to see a an old hole in the wall traditional ceviche restaurant on the side of the road than a postcard shop.

Apart from Trujillo, theres a great beach called Huanchaco only 20 mins by bus. We went yesterday and had a great time. I mean, come on, whats better than laying on a beach, drinking a few beers with your friends and watching all the beutiful girls pass by. This my friend is the life!

Another cool thing about this city is the hostal we are staying in. Its called the Americano, and it is definitley the most unique place I have ever stayed at in my life. Its an old run down mansion  from some Peruvian millionair from the early 20th century that kind of resembles the place from the Shinning. Its a little freaky, its massive, you hear noises at and I think we were the only people staying in the entire place. Yea, Ill admit, I was a little frightened. However, I do recomend this place for anybody that comes to Trujillo just because its unique, different, cheap and a great opportunity to lodge in a mansion. Plus, they`re just ghost, cant do that much harm, can they? Who knows, maybe they are the ones that took my cash!

So, after a few drinks, lots of ceviche and a few more drinks (probably the real reason we our out of cash), we head to Tumbes, a town on the Ecuadorian border, where we will cross over to the Ecuadorian side and take the next possible bus to Quito, Ecuador, the capital. We have a long loooong track in fron of us, but its worth it because I cant wait to be in a new country with a new stamp in my passport hearing a new Spanish accent.

I also cant wait to get on the bus, after spending so many hours, day after day, minute after minute on the damn thing, you kind of start to like it after a while, it has almost became my second home. Well, time to go, got a few cents in my pocket, enough to pay for this internet time and a little bit of bread for dinner. Thank god they accept dolars in Ecuador!!!! Chau!

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photo by: Paulovic