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Okay, now we've had our drink!
Konnie has a conference to go to in Chicago and her hotel is free to her. So of course, this means we get to take advantage of a cheap girl trip, our favorite kind. The conference is at the Chicago Marriott on the Magnificent Mile, right in the heart of the nicest part of the city, and just blocks from the river.

I get to drive, because I usually do and our car has a GPS system which should make getting to the hotel pretty easy - you'd think! But, what we do not know is that although the address is on Michigan Avenue, you cannot get into the hotel from there. It's a very busy street and you can't park in front of the hotel. Do you know how frustrating that is to see where you want to be, but not be able to figure out how to get there!! To try and find the entrance we have to drive over the river, down to the next bridge, back over the river, a few more blocks because of the one-way streets, and we're back on Michigan Avenue again.
Gloria and Konnie at the bar in Mity Nice Grill.

We try again, and Konnie spots the entrance, but a cab makes a right turn in front of me because I'm too slow for Chicago traffic, I'm distracted by that and and then it's too late for me to turn. Passed it again, so over the river and so on again!!! But now we are prepared, Konnie's lookout for the turns, Gloria's watching traffic because cab drivers have no patience for a driver like me. We look like out-of-town idiots!

Finally!! We are here, and the valet and doorman can tell I am stressed from driving. But they still made me feel good with their laughing and joking, and not so embarrassed about finding the entrance. They tell me it happens a lot. And of course, they say they saw me drive by and tried to wave me down. I know they didn't, but they still made me feel better.

sylviandavid says:
I heard it's good luck to pass the entrance twice!
Posted on: Mar 02, 2010
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After we've freshened and changed we head out for a little walk around town. We take Michigan Avenue down to the Water Tower, window shopping along the way and deciding where we want to go tomorrow. I don't know why, we always end up at Water Tower. It's really not my favorite place on the mile, and I'd rather spend my time and money in bars and restaurants than shopping in the same stores we have at home.

Anyway, Konnie had never been there and we're hungry so we head up to the mezzanine level where the food court is. In the back of Foodlife there is a sit down restaurant with a bar. We'll stop there for a quick drink and discuss a game plan. We spend a lot of time discussing game plans over drinks. I like the food at Mity Nice Grill. The wait staff and bar tender are very friendly and everyone has an opinion about Tiger Woods because he has some special news conference on the TV. We decide not to eat there and move on.

We then walk down to Rush Street and check out the restaurants trying to decide on a location. There are many people walking and some suggest places they've enjoyed. One of them is the LuxBar on Bellevue Place. It was a good choice!

After dinner we continue our walk down Rush Street until we decide it's time to hit the hot tub at the hotel! After all, we have all that beer, wine and vodka waiting for us in our room.
Okay, now weve had our drink!
Okay, now we've had our drink!
Gloria and Konnie at the bar in Mi…
Gloria and Konnie at the bar in M…
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