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Having lunch with our daughter Sarah overlooking the lake behind her mother-in-laws house.
Everyone is so wonderful about sharing their travel adventures around the globe, but sometimes I forget about the wonderful area I live in on a daily basis. Michigan, is my home base. Although I have not always lived here, or even in the USA, I have always been able to see Michigan from where I live. How is this possible? Canada! Yes, although Michigan born, I grew up in Windsor, just across the river from Detroit Michigan.

But now, time to visit Michigan! Here is an old travel clip, from the 50's that shows some of the natural attractions of the area. All still exist and remain popular to visitors to the state. I think it's funny to see because it is still the same, except now the two parts of the state are joined by the Mackinaw Bridge.
On the Michigan side, looking at Canada where Lake Huron flows into the Saint Clair River.

Michigan is most famous for all of it's lakes, with over 11,000 of them. Most famous are 4 of the 5  Great Lakes which surround our state, Lake Michigan (west side of the state), Lake Huron (my lake, where are cottage is located), Lake Superior (cold & deep), and Lake Erie (smallest of the Great Lakes) Of course, water related sports are abundant, with boating and fishing some of the most popular. And, since the Great Lakes have been a major shipping channel since the time of the fur traders there are many shipwrecks for divers to explore.

Lake Huron is also famous for beach glass which is one of my favorite past times. You would be amazed at how much of this beautifully wave polished glass washes up on shore. I know many people have looked and looked and never spotted any, but once you figure out how to catch that glint of light, you're hooked.
St Clair River.
Most treasured are the ruby red, dark blue, yellow and turquoise. These are usually the older glass which has been ground down by the waves and sand and smaller in size than the newer glass which is mostly white, brown or green. I always looks for beach glass whenever I am on the beach anywhere in the world. I have never found any anywhere, except on the shores of Lake Huron. It is not uncommon for me to have both pockets full after a few miles of walking. Don't get me wrong, it's not like picking up litter. Some pieces are smaller than a pea, and just try to find a tiny blue pebble of glass along miles of pebbly shore. I have never been able to find a red piece they are so rare, but my friend has!

One of my favorite areas of the State is the Mackinaw Island, and Straights area of Northern Michigan.
Blue Water Bridges, looking at the Canadian side. There's actually 2 bridges here.
Michigan is 2 peninsulas, upper & lower, now joined by the Mackinaw Bridge which was built in 1957. The famous island of Mackinaw is located here, and yes there are still no cars allowed on the island. Transportation is by horse & carriage, bicycle or walking. However, in the winter, snowmobiles are allowed. The movie Somewhere in Time was filmed here, and it is still pretty much the same as the time depicted in the movie. I'm not a fan of the movie, but some people are.  Most visitors take a ferry to the island, where they shop and sight see. My favorite memories of the island are the times we were able to spend the night. In the evening when all the "tourists" would leave the entire aura of the island changes to such a charming and relaxing time.
Winter at Lake Huron at Applegate Michigan. There are 52 steps down to the water.
If you ever have a chance, I highly recommend you take the time to send at least 1 night.

I have only been to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes on the west side of the state a few times. They are huge hills going down to the shore. I remember my children having so much fun running and rolling down to the lake, but crying at having to walk the long way back up which is difficult in the sand. From the top you can see so much of the lake shore and surrounding forests.

We often camp in the Lake Margarethe area of the state. This is in the northern, lower peninsula. We love this lake because it is so shallow and sandy bottomed. Both of these features help the water warm up faster than most lakes. For being in northern Michigan the water temperature is very pleasant. The surrounding area is heavily wooded state owned land famous for hunting and hiking.
Beach glass
We usually stay at a rustic campground, with no running water or electricity and pit toilets. We enjoy it because the people that stay there are more interested in preserving and enjoying the area. Half of the camp sites are also right on the waters edge.

Frankenmuth is a very touristy area of the state. It's famous as being a German settlement, now also known for two famous restaurants that feature fried chicken, the Bavarian Inn and Zhenders. They are huge restaurants and used to feeding thouands of people everyday. Personally, I would rather go to a small family owned local restaurant, but if you are ever in the area it is still interesting to visit the first time. There is also the Frankenmuth Brewery and Bronners, a giant Christmas and Holiday store in the town. Be forewarned though, it is not Germany, only an Americanized version of a fairytale perspective.

In the upper peninsula are the Tahquamenon Falls. The upper falls are massive and thundering with amber tinted water caused by the tannin leached from the surrounding forests. The lower falls are long and low. It's very easy to walk or play in the water with small pools carved by the water into the rock shelves. Both of the falls, which are about 4 miles apart, have campgrounds. We have often hiked and biked between the two falls. There are hills and I would say both methods would be considered moderate. Although, the bike ride from the upper to lower falls is quite fun because it is downhill a good part of the way! The terrain and surrounding forests are quite different from each other even though they are very close.
spocklogic says:
I was just talking to someone here about that film "Somewhere in Time". She was under the impression it was filmed at the del Coronado in San Diego, but actually it was the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island like you said. In fact, though, the Richard Matheson novel "Bid Time Return" on which the film "Somewhere in Time" was based is set at the del Coronado. Interesting, eh? Anyway, liking your Michigan Blog here...
Posted on: Jan 24, 2013
yadilitta says:
I spent some time in MI last year and loved it!!! I was there in summer and also in winter. It was great!!! Traverse city is so charming...
Posted on: Apr 21, 2010
vulindlela says:
Nice write-up!
I think Michigan is amazing!
Sadly, most people just think Detroit when they think of Michigan...
Posted on: Mar 10, 2010
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Having lunch with our daughter Sar…
Having lunch with our daughter Sa…
On the Michigan side, looking at C…
On the Michigan side, looking at …
St Clair River.
St Clair River.
Blue Water Bridges, looking at the…
Blue Water Bridges, looking at th…
Winter at Lake Huron at Applegate …
Winter at Lake Huron at Applegate…
Beach glass
Beach glass