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My alarm was set for 5:03am.  Yes, I am strange for an odd time but I like random numbers and 3 is my lucky one.  Anyhow, I've wanted to go see the Grand Canyon for quite some time now but I honestly thought it took longer to get there than it really did.  Turns out it's only about 5 hours away from Las Vegas.  I opted to go sooner than later so I would not be able to push it to the side, plus my National Park pass helps me want to get my use out of it and see some awesome sights.  My friend Nicole said she would go and I feel lucky to have a friend who is down for all my zany adventures.  Is it odd having a friend with the same name?  Nope but at work it's a bit confusing.  I picked Nicole up at 5:30am and loaded her stuff into my FJ Cruiser, my love as I call it.
  I wanted to make sure we had a 4 wheel drive vehicle since snow showers were predicted and I didn't want to get stuck.  With luck the roads were only busy with truck drivers.  We had a pretty nice drive out here without traffic. 

Arriving at the canyon was surreal.  I'm almost puzzled as to why I didn't whip out my camera to take photos right away and then I remembered that my stomach gets cranky when I don't eat.  So we found a non snowed on bench and ate sandwiches we packed.  The photos with the black birds are from them visiting us while we ate in hopes that they could have a bite.  They would fly away when others walked by but always came back.  With those killer beaks I didn't want to chance it, little did I know it was also illegal.
  After eating, out came the camera!

We walked along the South Rim Trail for a bit before deciding to take a short drive to another part of the village.  I luckily found a parking spot near the Bright Angel Lodge.  I had forgotten my beanie so I was happy to get a new one that would suffice as it was windy out.  Not as cold as I thought it would be honestly.  We put on our snow boots since one of the trails we wanted to go on had snow all over the place.  I was so glad I had bought a pair recently even though it's not a necessity in Vegas.  I could believe how thick the snow was in some areas.  I had never seen any pictures with snow at the Grand Canyon.  I think that although we didn't get to do any major hiking, not that we could witho go a mile without being tired, it was a relaxing soul calming adventure.  I feel lucky to have gone at the time of year I did, hardly any people there made the experience wonderful, I couldn't imagine summer. 

So, with many laughs shared and funny pictures to add to my collection I can happily say I have been to the Grand Canyon..and with any luck I may have a sunrise photo tomorrow.
riceballrox says:
that looks amazing, I hope I'll get to go this winter! =D
Posted on: Nov 15, 2011
Stigen says:
That looks like a really cool place ,think I will go some day !
I also always set my alarm in strange times , most times I feel 7.30 is way too early , but then again 7.40 is too late so end up compromising at 7.36
Posted on: Sep 29, 2010
cneoridium says:
You captured the bigness of it nicely I think.
Posted on: May 19, 2010
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Sometimes I think I am cooler than…
Sometimes I think I am cooler tha…
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Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300