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As much as I love traveling, I loathe flying just as passionately. Why? because I just feel that it's not natural for humans to fly, if it were, we'd have wings (invoking an age old argument).But really, it's the unnaturalness of it, it that conjures up horrific images in my head should man's invention fail or a miscalculation in skill. But I also think, that sadly, as I get older, the more I loose my nerves. But, how else would one reach the far corners of the world without the aid of a flying contraption? so just live with it, and pray for safety every minute you're up in the air.

The first leg of the plane ride lasted for an hour and a half, bumpy for the next 30 mins, and smooth sailing the rest of the way. It was a full house for a small plane.

With barely enough time to grab a snack in between connections, we were on the next leg of our flight, which lasted for only 30 mins! Though it actually felt less. That flight was short, sweet, and fun...yes, I said fun. The plane was even smaller than the last plane, but there were only a handful of passengers, so every one practically had a row to themselves. And the Flight Attendants were very informal and comedic in their customer service that it made me feel at ease.

As soon as we landed in Vancouver, you can just feel the air was filled with high energy. we were surrounded with everything and anything Olympics. NOW, I am excited!!

Because of the Olympics, Vancouver built a new public transportation system called the Skytrain, which is really the equivalent to BART, conveniently located across the street from the main exit doors of the airport. It connects the entire city to each district. Although there is fare in a form of a ticket, (which by the way, the exchange rate now is practically one-to-one) there are no ticket turnstiles for the ticket, nor are there conductors in the train to collect/check the ticket, actually there aren't even drivers on the train, its all automated, so essentially the purchase of the boarding ticket is all based on a good faith?!

Most of the passengers were Canadian fans, young and old alike, but mostly the young, beaming with great pride and joviality. Even at a late hours, it was crazy and wide awake out.

Then we took a Seabus to North Vancouver, a ferry of sort. It was packed, again by young and old alike, but it was the young-ins that instigated random outbursts of cheers in support for Team Canada, even the spontaneous singing of their national anthem on board was very amusing and touching a the same time. But, let's not forget visitors from other countries in the mix. Being a visitor, should I be concerned for my safety, can I voice my support for Team USA out loud too......it seems that the answer is yes, because the Canadians seem to be great sports. All these opinions formed in my head in just 15 mins, the time it took to get to our destination

A friend's friend is taking us in for a few nights, quite a generous and accommodating family. The house looks and feel like a cabin in the outskirt of the city. Feels like we're staying in a bed and breakfast of sorts.And, it has a fantastic view of the city!

So, being out of the country, I don't quite know how to use the internet and app functions of my IPhone without being charged an arm and a leg, so I may be forced to stop usage completely during the day, so thank goodness for the Wi-Fi connection in this house, at least!
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North Vancouver
photo by: Vikram