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Going into Abdally Kuwait, pure desert, and oil barrels covering the terrain, as i reached the border for iraq, also know as Safuan. As we arrived to the boarder, things were great on kuwaits side, real quick and organized. A bus then drove us for visa and passport check, as i looked to the iraqi border it looked like a war zone, i mean technically it is. But it was that bad, the bus had dropped us all off about mid way, we still had about a quarter mile to walk, the bus was not allowed to go through. So as your walking, you taste sand, you smell garbage and oil burning. It was quite the experiance, a few humvees parked near the visa department. As i got that done and over with, i boarded my bags and headed off to Basra. On my way there, seen what this country has really gone through, something the media never covered, it was a disaster, it was a different world, the sky was dark, sand was all over the place. I honestly liked it, it was nice, i actually loved seeing all this, it was a different experiance, i was telling myself, cool im in a war zone. Anything goes, with that kind of motivation and attitude, i didnt care what happens, i am here, and i will make this all worth my time. As i got to basra, things got overwhelming, crowded streets, goats in the street along with sheep, and more humvees and military, iraqi and a few american soldiers. Guns cocked and loaded, thats what i thought , anything goes. With that being said, 2 cars blew up in basra 2 days later. Couple miles away. I stayed with family, and seen what lifes really like, and they love it, a huge family, all gathered around laughing and enjoying there life, regardless of the chaios, regardless of it all. As the night life takes over Basra, things can get really crazy, checkpoints every 1 Km. Search the vehicle, passports, and question you, Who, What, When, Where, Why.........And alot more. As we approached parts of the city, almost a warm feeling deep down, the smell of food, the taste of culture, the view of people enjoying life life as we know it, but i cant forget the humvees and military scattered, yup 24/7 on patrol. I took a stroll into the Jazaer, a part of Basra, amazing night i must say, food was amazing, anything and everything i was worried about food poising, but it was clean to the extreme, and really good. Water is a bit rough, so stick to bottled water, but eat all you can eat, cause its amazing food, an amazing mixed culture, and great people. As my week went by with food, laughter and great memories, i thought of something, "These people love the country and are extremly proud" indeed they are, Home is where the heart is, regardless of the situation.
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