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Trekking deep inside Rainforest

Second day in the remote, Gerrit and I were trekking deep into the other side of Batang Rajang River to Syian Tribe.

Early morning we were driven by boat to cross the river by the same ‘guide’ who drove the boat previous day. It was the first part of challenge that we had to climb the steep bank on the slippery mud. The plants roots were sort of rope. There was another ‘guide’ so basically we were walking in-between the two guides all along. The rough and slippery route was a challenge at times. It was the route that been used by the remote villagers partially a cemented partly just muddy puddles of water path.

The front guide looks dodgy and creepy to me. I even imagine the situation how it could be if it was western girl with her guy trekking. He probably beat up the guy and rapes the girl, no savior in the thick jungle, LOL. He looks so creepy with his staring haha. * don’t take this seriously, I’m only joking*. One and half hour later we arrived at the house of remote village. There were couple of wooden houses on stilt and were a guest of this family. Getting inside there were 3 people, the owner, the wife and another one who’s I don’t know the relation to the two.

Our guide who works with Daniel Levoh brought the rice, tea, and other sundries in his handcraft rattan pack to be cooked for lunch in the house. The host family prepared the meal and in return gets sum of donation from us, the one who bear the cost. I’m the only who speak Malay (I became the translator to Gerrit) and understand what they been talking to us mostly though slightly hard, the guides and the host family also were talking in their own ethnic language which I don’t understand.

So we were served Milo drinks and the Durian –the king of all fruits, the stinking smells but incredibly tasty and creamy, while the housewife cooking for lunch. How does it taste Gerrit? I know western people not a fan of this bad-ass fruit.It was too long to prepare that I lost word to chat about. Gerrit didn’t involve anything in the conversation; I had wished I didn’t speak Malay LOL. Because they been talking a repeated topic all along.
We headed back to the river for another 1 and half hour trekking out of the forest. I was knackered.

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Trekking deep inside Rainforest
Trekking deep inside Rainforest
photo by: herman_munster